5 Benefits of Using Paytm Custom UI SDK for Your Business


In today’s time, it is of utmost importance for every business operating online to have a seamless payment system. Customers do not wish to spend an extra second during checkout and want a secure and reliable checkout experience. If you are looking for such a payment solution for your web store, Paytm Custom UI SDK is a perfect choice.

Paytm’s custom payment gateway helps you build your customized Payment UI or Checkout page as per your instructions. It offers you various payment methods for your clients and customers to choose from. It integrates easily into the website and app of your company for smooth transactions. It saves the payment details of your customers in an encrypted format for faster transactions. This system allows you to provide swift, secure, and seamless payment to your customers using the Paytm app.

You can offer several payment modes including Paytm wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, saved debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI, and EMI as per your wish. In case the customer does not have the Paytm app installed on the device, the transaction will be completed using a webpage within the SDK.

Here are the top benefits of using Paytm Custom UI SDK:

No more waiting for OTP

One of the major issues merchants face is invalid or delayed OTPs. To overcome the problem, Paytm Custom UI SDK links Paytm user accounts on the Merchant App without the need of an OTP. The Merchant needs the customer’s permission only once and their account gets linked with the Merchant App. It allows the merchant to gain access and show the Paytm user’s saved instruments (cards and UPI linked bank accounts) anywhere on its UI too so the customer is always well informed.

Reduction in transaction time

The system is easy to integrate into your website or app and becomes a part of it. That means the user does not have to leave your website or app to complete the transaction. Also, as Paytm Custom UI SDK uses the saved instruments and payment methods in the Paytm app, it reduces the transaction time and makes the checkout process faster.

VISA one-click payment

One of the best features this system provides you for your clients and customers is the single click payment option via VISA. It ensures that a safe and secure gateway is formed with their bank account and the transaction is made seamlessly without any delay or recurrent permissions. As per the RBI guidelines, this feature only works for payments less than 2000 INR.

No more redirection

In case the user has the Paytm app installed on the device, the checkout process will not redirect to any external page. It helps in providing a better user experience for the customer.

Seamless transactions

The Custom UI SDK provides you a payment gateway where your bank account is already linked. It barely takes a few seconds and generally just a single click for the transaction to complete and the money to transfer. Our payment system is highly secure and we use high-grade encryption for every transaction. All transactions get a unique ID that comes very handy for returns, cancellations, or refunds at any given point. This feature makes the reverse transaction smooth as well.

Get Paytm Custom UI SDK for the best user experience

Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway makes it easier for the merchants to provide a seamless, error-free, safe, and quick checkout experience. To get started with Paytm for business integration, please contact us.

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