Business with Paytm App Training- In retail store- limited


We will understand the functioning of the Business with Paytm App’s highlighted tabs. You can also download and view the training guides of these tabs. 

Business with Paytm app is available for ios and android user and can be installed easily from App and Play store. To login, use your registered email ID and password. If you are logging in for the first time from a device, you will receive an SMS/email with OTP on your registered mobile no/email ID to authenticate login process. In case you have forgotten the password, tap on forgot password.Call on 0120-4888-488. Press 1 to change your password. As you login to the app, you will also get an option to select the language of your choice. Language tab allows you to select your preferred language from the list of 11 languages. Post that your app will reflect in the language selected by you. View the Training Guide to understand these features.

Let us learn about payments, settlement, accept payments, wholesale and my store features. 


Payments Tab allows you to view details about payments made to you till date. You can also initiate refund and check refund details from this tab.
You can filter your data to view details as per your requirement. Please note that the data for 180 days prior to the current date is available.You can pull last 30 days data from current date at a time.
This tab would can help you to track the exact status of a payment showing whether the payment is successful, failed or refunded. It can be tracked along with details like date, order id, TXN id, payment mode etc. Whenever you receive a payment while your app is open and you are on Payments tab you will see the received payment getting highlighted in green for a second along with a sound notification.You can also download the Payments statement.
View the Training Guide to understand this feature.

Settlements tab helps you in keeping track of the funds that have been settled into your bank account and which are yet to be transferred. Many of our merchants have access to Instant Settlement Feature with this you can transfer money accepted through QR code to your bank account at any time of the day. You can also choose the frequency of transfer between once a day, twice a day or thrice a day. Under this tab you can check all details about your settlement, you have an option to select date range to check settlement details and also download statements. Please know that data for last 180 days can be accessed from the app, however at a time only last 30 days, data can be pulled from the current date. You can even track the settlements which are in the process of being transferred.You can see the details of transferred amount along with Ref no, bank details, deductions etc. To know more about the Settlements feature Click here To know more about Instant Settlement Click here
We would like to highlight one of the best facilities or feature provided in our app called “Accept Payment Feature” What are the key features of Accept Payment Tab? You can download your own QR Code here: This feature enables you to create your own QR code. You can also download the QR code and even send it through email and take a print out. Create and Manage Payment links: You can create a payment link for a certain amount and description to request payments from your customers. You also have the option to share it in multiple ways like whatsapp, facebook, email etc. Order QR Sticker: You can easily order your QR Code stickers from this tab in Business with Paytm App.It will be delivered to your door step.You can have the display name as per your choice. Get notified about successful payments: You can get notified about all the successful payments with this feature in Business with Paytm App. You can provide upto three numbers where you would like notifications. Create QR Codes: Our Enterprise merchants can also create QR codes for their multiple counters which is available under this tab View the Training Guide to understand these features for Starter, Starter Max & Standard Plan users View the Training Guide to understand these feature for Enterprise Plan users
The Wholesale and My Store Tab act as a one stop shop for you. The wholesale tab will take you Paytm mall, where you can choose to buy items for your store in bulk. This tab also gives you an option to keep track of the orders you placed in the past My Store Tab on Business with Paytm app allows you to sell your products on Paytm Mall. View the Training Guide to understand these features.
Cashback tab allows you to see and activate applicable offers for your account, you can tap on the offer to view details and activate them. This tab allows you to see the number of payments received along with cashback amount. It will let you know the validity details and how many payments you need to receive to get a full cashback. You can easily differentiate between the active and expired offers. View the Training Guide to understand these features.

Now, have a look at the features of the hamburger menu. 

Business Profile tab allows you to view your display Name, you can also update your display name real time by tapping on Change. Here you can see you Merchant ID, PAN no, GSTIN. You can add GSTIN if not added already.You can also see and edit your address here. Accept Payment Settings tab allows you to see your existing bank details and our Merchant with Starter, Starter Max and Standard limits can also edit/update their bank details also they have an option to receive mobile payments to bank account directly by just switching a button. You can view your primary/secondary email and mobile no. here and also update them. Secondary notification contact helps your employees to track received payments. View the Training Guide to understand these features for Starter, Starter Max Plan users View the Training Guide to understand these features for Standard Plan users View the Training Guide to understand these features for Enterprise Plan users
Manage Qr Code tab allows you to order a laminated QR code with stand for your cash counter. You can also activate your newly received QR code from here. Statements tab allows you view download reports which you generated from payments/statements tab by clicking on Download. Please note that 20 last generated reports are shown here. When the report is finally downloaded you have two options either you can view it in the App only or share the report by mail, whatsapp etc in zip (csv format). View the Training Guide to understand these features.

Change Language tab allows you to select your preferred language from the list of 11 languages. Post that your app will reflect in the language selected by you.

The legal and privacy Policy tab allows you to view and understand the Legal and Privacy policies. Help The Help tab in Business With Paytm App allows you to raise a query about any issues or concerns faced .You will see a list of common issues logging a query is very simple and self explanatory. You would also see FAQ. If your issue is not listed here or you do not get an answer from FAQ, for any other issue you can tap on our Merchant Helpdesk no. Multiple MIDs You can easily toggle through all your MIDs. You can select between your accounts through the drop down option at Accounts option. This makes it easier for you to manage all your MIDs. Please know that this option is only available if you have multiple MIDs and/or you have a sub-user access. View the Training Guide to understand these features.