About Paytm

  1. How is Paytm different than other payment gateways?
  • Paytm wallet is used by 300 million+ users. More than 40 million+ people have their cards saved with Paytm for a 1 click checkout. These help our merchant in receiving payments conveniently on a tap. Paytm gateway is a trusted by many large merchants like IRCTC, Zomato, Oyo Rooms, UBER, Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
  1. How many merchants are using Paytm’s payment gateways?
  • Over 20,000 merchants are using Paytm’s gateway
  1. What all payment instruments are currently given to the customer to pay online?
  • All Indian Debit Cards
  • All Indian Credit Cards incl. Amex
  • Net banking (39 Banks available in our suite)
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Digital Credit (If eligible)
  • Future Instruments (When launched)

Registration and Document requirement

  1. How can I start collecting payments through Paytm on my Website/ Mobile App?

To get started, please submit the application to our Merchant On-boarding Panel in just 2 easy steps –

  1. Login / Sign up (Paytm Wallet registered mobile number can be used here) & fill in the Business and Communication Details
  2. Upload Necessary documents & Accept Agreement
  • Once the application is successfully submitted online, you will be automatically assigned a sales representative to assist with your day to day queries
  • Additionally, we will initiate documents & Website/ App Verification
  • You can refer to our products and integration related content
  1. What is the TAT to start accepting Payments via Paytm?

We can share live details in around 48 business hrs. The mandatory steps before making a merchant live are –

  • Documents Verification
  • Website/ Mobile App Verification
  • 3 Successful Transaction Attempt on Testing Server (All integration related content is available here)

Please Note: Mentioned TAT of sharing Go-Live credentials is not applicable in case there are any Document & Platform discrepancies.

  1. What are the documents & compliance required before provision of the gateway?
  1. I have an App and it has not released on Google Play Store / iOS Store, what URL do I need to enter while submitting the application?
  • You can share the beta URL or updated apk file with our sales representative
  1. Do I need to register the company in India?
  • Yes, you have to register the company in India.
  1. Which business entities are accepted by Paytm?
  • Proprietorship
  • Partnership / LLP
  • Private Limited / Public Limited
  • Society
  • Trust
  • Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  1. Do I still need a PAN card for a Proprietorship?
  • Yes, we need the Authorized Signatory’s PAN for proprietorship entities
  1. I have a company, but I don’t have GST, can I use your services?
  • Yes, you can give us the declaration of GST non-enrollment or Provisional GST certificate. Click here to download Declaration template
  1. I have not registered as a company yet. Can I get a payment gateway?
  • We regret to inform you that currently, we don’t offer payment gateway to individuals. We are currently working to get this feature available. Alternatively, you can use the Payment Link Solution.


  1. Why my business is reflecting under negative LOB (Line of Business)?

While on-boarding the merchants for offering Wallet and/or PG services, Paytm team will observe the following guidelines:

  • Unqualified / Unacceptable Businesses: Merchants under these categories (internally accessed based on Bank/RBI Guideline) cannot be on-boarded by Paytm. Please do not solicit these accounts as they are outside of policy guidelines both due to regulatory reasons as well as business/strategic reasons
  • Moderate Risk Businesses: Merchants under these categories would be decided on a case-to-case basis depending upon the profile of the customer. In such cases, additional documentation may be required as well as certain business approvals may be required
  • All other businesses not covered under above points can be provided PG and Wallet services
  1. What are the mandatory Compliances?
Mandatory ComplianceFlow Limit
Website name should not be a mismatch with the documents providedIf rejected you get at least 50K limit

More limit based on LOB, Document provided, Mandatory & other Website compliance checks

Pricing in Dollar/Other Currencies shouldn’t be thereIf rejected, No limit/instrument will be given
Fraudulent activity on the website shouldn’t be seenIf rejected, No limit/instrument will be given
Redirection  flow  shouldn’t  be thereIf rejected you get at least 50K limit

More limit based on LOB, Document provided, Mandatory & other Website compliance checks

  1. What are the mandatory parameters to be provided in website/app for Card (Credit/Debit) transactions?
  • About Us– About us information is required to know the relationship between the Merchant’s legal name and URL/App. Clearly, mention this section on your website. This is also important as the customers have the right to know about the company and people they are dealing with
  • Terms & Conditions– Terms and conditions policy is required to prevent abuses by the user, protect content & rights of Merchant’s Website and to set Governing Law as per the local jurisdiction. It will help you in long run in case of any disputes or complaints.(Click Here to download template)
  • Privacy Policy– This policy is required to protect the personal data of users. For e.g. email address, first and last names, shipping address, etc. This brings out transparency about your policies about customer’s privacy and data protection. (Click Here to download template)
  • Refund & Cancellation– Refund and Cancellation policy is required to educate user about the refund process and cancellation process for any order they make. It protects customer’s interest against any frauds and avoids any dispute by clearly defining the policy. (Click Here to download template)
  • Contact Us– Contact Us policy is required to help customers get a direct point of contact, in case of any disputes or complaints. This information is a must to hold their trust and avoid any disconnect
  1. What are the risk score parameters that are defined by risk score?
  • Product flow Availability on the website
  • Customer Care Support Response/Availability
  • Complaints On Consumer Forums
  • Mandatory Policies as mentioned above.
  • Social Media Presence
  • Product/Service Description and Other details.
  • Email Address
  • Domain Name Ownership Match
  • SSL certificate availability
  • Lifespan/expiry of the domain

Pricing Plan

  1. Where can I find details about pricing?
  • To find our pricing details please click here.
  1. My transaction volume is huge, will Paytm offer any discount?
  • If a merchant’s current monthly gross transaction value (GTV) is over 10 Lakhs then we can offer customized rates for each payment mode. In such a scenario, please reach out to us at payments.onboarding@paytm.com
  1. What are set up charges?
  • We don’t charge any setup charges
  1. Is there any annual maintenance fee charged by Paytm?
  • We don’t charge any annual maintenance fees
  1. Is there any charge for post live support?
  • No, we don’t charge anything for the post live support


  1. Which are the currently supported currencies?
  • We support INR as of now
  1. Are international credit cards supported?
  • Not as of now
  1. Where can I try out the checkout process? Can I try out the payment gateway testing before submitting the documents?
  • Yes, you can download the testing credentials post login on our merchant on-boarding panel and initiate the testing process (Merchant On-boarding Panel)
  1. Do you have support for mobile devices?
  • Our payment gateway can be integrated both in APPs and mobile sites


  1. How will I get staging credentials? 
  1. How will I get production credentials?

We will share the production details as soon as following mandatory steps are completed:

  • Documents Verification
  • Website and / Mobile App Verification
  1.  Is there any contact email ID where I can reach out to in case of any technical issues?

Refunds and Chargeback

  1. What is Chargeback?
  • A chargeback is a form of customer protection provided by the issuing banks, which allows cardholders to file a complaint regarding disputed transactions on their statement. ‘Chargeback’ is also used for debiting a merchant’s bank account with the amount of a transaction that had previously been credited for the disputed transaction.
  1. What are the reasons for a chargeback?

Chargeback is raised by the customer. It can include a variety of reasons such as:

  • Service not rendered or merchandise not received by the customer
  • Defective product or faulty services rendered to the customer
  • Duplicate Processing – Customer is charged twice for same product/service
  • Credit not processed -Partial or full refund is not received by the merchant as per refund or cancellation policy
  1. What is chargeback resolution policy?
  • On receiving chargeback from the bank, Paytm will raise the same to the merchant. Post this, merchant has 5 calendar days to either accept or decline the chargeback. Once accepted, amount is debited from merchant’s account. In case merchant does not accept, he is required to provide proof of delivery/service provision. If customer is not satisfied with the document/proof shared by merchant, then the customer can go for 2nd Chargeback or Pre-Arbitration level.
  1. Is refund supported by Paytm? If yes, then how to initiate a refund?
  1. I have initiated a refund, how much time will it take for the refund to reflect in customer’s account?
  • Refund in customer’s wallet will settle within 24 hours. However, for CC/DC/NB/UPI, refund may take up to 7 working days to settle in customer’s bank account.
  1. In case of a cancelled or returned order, will I be charged any fee for the refund I initiate?
  • No extra commission will be charged for refund transactions


  1. When will the money get transferred to my bank account?
  • Payments are transferred to your registered bank account on T+1 day, that means a payment which you have received today will be transferred to your bank account on the next working day. However, the first settlement may take 4-5 working days
  1. Do you support multiple bank account settlement as a marketplace?
  • Settlement to multiple bank accounts is not supported at our end
  1. How do I know if I have received a settlement?
  • Paytm sends SMS/Email alerts on a real-time basis at the time of settlement. Additionally, you can also track the same on Merchant Panel/Business with Paytm App (Android and iOs)
  1. What is the frequency of receiving settlements?
  • Payments are transferred to your registered bank account on T+1 days, that means a payment which you have received today will be transferred to your bank account on the next working day. However, it may be delayed in case of a bank holiday or Sunday

Payment Security

  1. Can I see all transactions done via Paytm?
  • You can view all your transaction with details by generating Transaction Report from Merchant Panel/Business with Paytm App (Android and iOs)
  1. How safe is Paytm Payment gateway?
  • Our payments system is licensed by RBI. We are PCI DSS v3.2 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant as well. We use a 256 bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt customer data during a transaction.

Post live merchant support

  1. How do I file a support ticket?
  1. Do you offer live chat support?
  • No, currently we don’t offer live chat support
  1. Where can I call for assistance?
  • Please login to Merchant Panel and raise your query by clicking on the Need Help section or raise your query via Business with Paytm App  (Android and iOs)
  1. Will I be charged for the support provided?
  • No, we do not charge any amount for support
  1. What is the TAT for the provision of response on tickets raised?
  • 90% of tickets raised by merchants are resolved within 2 business days. For other tickets, continued support is provided from our end till we resolve the issue and merchant is satisfied with the resolution provided

Self Account Management

  1. Is there a mobile app/dashboard/panel for the Paytm merchant? What are functionalities available on this panel?
  • Yes, there is Merchant Panel/Business with Paytm App (Android and iOs) which will be shared with you along with production details. Some functionalities of our Panel/App are real-time transaction tracking, Refund initiation, Settlement details with breakdown etc.
  1. How can I edit my account details?
  • You can change your account details under Merchant Profile section available on Merchant Panel/Business with Paytm App (Android and iOs).
  1. Can I view/edit my bank details?
  • You can view your banking details by login into Merchant Panel/Business with Paytm App (Android and iOs). To edit your banking details raise a ticket via Need Help on panel/app.
  1. How do I change my password?
  1. I have forgotten my password, how do I set a new one?
  1. How do I change the email ID/contact number?
  • You can change your email ID/contact no. under Merchant Profile section available on Merchant Panel/Business with Paytm App (Android and iOs).