How to become eligible for a loan from Paytm’s Bank & NBFC Partners?


Working capital is very important to run and grow a business, but, it is not always possible to have enough reserves from your earnings to use them in your business. This is where working capital loans or business loans come in. But, a big issue with availing of loans is the amount of effort and time required. 

Getting rejected for a loan can be quite difficult. Understanding the eligibility criteria is important to improve your chances, and we at Paytm are here to guide and help you avail the loan with no hassles.  Read on to know how you can become eligible to apply for a loan.

  1. Accept payments from more customers – Encouraging customers to pay you using the Paytm app can help us understand the size of your business and your earnings better, improving your chances for a loan. For e.g – If you have transactions worth  ₹100,000 a month, then you would be eligible for a loan of ₹ 200,000 or more.
  2. Increase your collection – This point follows from the previous one, the more you accept payments from Paytm, the better your earnings can be tracked, which helps determine your ability to repay a loan. Repayment can be done through small daily installments which will be deducted from the Paytm settlement. So if you increase your payments from Paytm QR, then your loan installments will not hamper your business.
  3. Managing your overall credit score – Your credit score is an indicator of your credit behaviour, for any lender to give you a loan a credit score acts as a meter of how reliable you are in making your repayments.

Following these points can help you avail of a loan from Paytm’s bank and NBFC partners easily. You can also check out the video to understand the eligibility criteria.



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