Introduction of digital payments is extending a superlative ease of performing transactions. But every business cannot spare a portion of their budget in buying a swiping machine and other requisites, which shouldn’t intimidate them from enjoying the seamless way of making digital payments. With that idea Paytm introduced QR code based payments. Now, get one QR Code for accepting Paytm, UPI & Card Payments!

Let’s hop into the benefits it has in store for you:-

Instant Signup
Get your QR code in few minutes



₹ 50000 per month
Monthly payment receiving limit of Rs. 50,000



Auto Next Day Transfer
Always receive money in your Bank Account the next day



Fast Transaction
Pay with a single click. No more failed transactions. No more waiting at the checkout counter



Safe & secure
Keep your customer and business information secure with our RBI approved digital wallet



Integrated solution


For running your business with ease with Paytm, we provide you access to Merchant Panel & Paytm For Business App on your Android & iOS mobile which allow you to check the growth of your business.

Features available on the Panel & App:

Get business insights

Track Transactions real time

Settlement breakdown

Initiate refund

Download statements

Get help on the go

View/update Business details


So, ready to get started?