How do you accept payment when a customer has requested home delivery of goods or services? What if you were a freelancer who wanted to collect payments from your customers who were remote? Meet Paytm Payment Links!

Now accept payments from anyone over SMS/Chat/Email using a simple link!

Have a look at its attributes below:

  • With payment links, you can easily receive payment from anyone at any time.
  • You can create 500 payment links at a time, which saves your time.
  • The payment link can be shared via various modes like SMS, Email, social media platforms – Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The link can either be created for a fixed amount or for a variable amount too. For example, if you want to receive a payment of ₹ 500 you can make a link of the fixed amount, ie. ₹500 or you can make a link of variable amount for the customer to pay.
  • This feature enables you to also receive remotely based payments from your customers without any website/app or documentation.
  • The feature isn’t restricted to the existing merchants only. A new merchant can get on-board with some easy steps and can avail the benefits of this feature to its fullest.

It is the fastest way to collect payments:

Payment Links
Get your own payment link and accept payments through all method



Instant Activation
From signing up to receiving payments in less than 2 minutes



Direct Settlement to Bank Account
Automatic next day settlement in your registered bank account



View the Training Guide to understand how to create the link and how it works

For running your business with ease with Paytm, we provide you access to Merchant Panel. Let’s look at the  features:

Track Transactions real time

Initiate refund

Download statements

Get help on the go

So what are you waiting for, join the millions of business using Paytm.