Paytm Gift Wallet – The Ultimate Corporate Gift Idea Your Organization Needs

Paytm Gift Wallet - The Ultimate Corporate Gift Idea

Gifting is undoubtedly an integral part of Indian culture. According to Technopark, the Indian gifting market is worth approximately Rs. 250,000 crores, out of which the share of corporate gifting is Rs. 12,000 crores. Moreover, the corporate gifting segment is growing rapidly, especially since the pandemic as corporates are saving the money that was earlier spent on organizing team outings and other such events.

Gone are the days when gifts were appreciated by how known the brand name was on them. Post-pandemic, corporate gifting trends have changed drastically. In addition to giving meaningful and intangible gifts, corporates are considering safe and contactless alternatives to gifting.

What could be safer and thoughtful than digital gift options that allow people you are gifting to select gifts of their own choice?

Paytm Gift Wallet – a hassle-free & meaningful corporate gifting solution.

Paytm Gift Wallet is an extension of the popular Paytm Wallet – the technology that has become the way people transact across the country.

Our gift wallet solution allows organizations to send celebratory money to their internal as well as external stakeholders.

Digitize corporate gifting for all occasions

Here is how you can use Paytm Gift Wallet as a corporate gift idea for your employees, clients, vendors, etc.

1. Festive gifting

The festive season is just around the corner and as an organization, you must be looking for great Diwali gift ideas for your employees and customers. It does not stop there. As the year is soon approaching its end, you will have to again think of New Year gift ideas.

Replace traditional corporate gifts for employees and customers with the Paytm Gift Wallet this festive season. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness in letting them choose a gift they truly need.

2. Rewards & recognition program

Corporate gifting is not restricted to welcoming new employees, giving year-end gifts, celebrating work anniversaries, party favors, etc. It is one of the most effective retention and employee engagement strategies as well.

Giving employees gifts is a great way of acknowledging their hard work and rewarding them for the same. The practice also benefits organizations as motivated employees work even harder.

The next time you recognize your employees for their contribution to the organization’s success, you can send money to their Paytm Gift Wallets as a token of appreciation.

3. Client acquisition

To get clients on board, most organizations give them some benefits. With Paytm Gift Wallet, you can motivate them to request a callback, sign up for your service, or place an order.

4. Client management

The next crucial task after you have acquired clients is to retain them for good. What could be better than sending a well-timed gift in the form of the Paytm Gift Wallet to make your existing clients feel valued?

It is also an effective way of staying at the top of the minds of your clients in case your interaction with them isn’t frequent.

5. Online brand promotions

Online brand promotions are crucial to the success of all kinds of businesses. Try organizing online contests to attract existing and potential customers.

You can send money to the Paytm Gift Wallet of the contest winners. Or you can send money to the gift wallets of your potential customers as a part of your brand awareness activities.

Why choose Paytm Gift Wallet over other corporate gift ideas?

S. No.FeaturePaytm Gift WalletTraditional Corporate Gifting Solutions
1Proprietary NetworkCan be used at Over 2 crore+ offline and online merchantsRestricted to the individual brands or limited merchants
2Procurement & DeliveryInstant & completely onlineTime-consuming with lots of costs involved
3Business DashboardYesNo
4Quick IntegrationYesNo
5Customer SupportYesYes

Largest proprietary network

Unlike e-vouchers or gift cards, which are usually restricted to limited brands, Paytm Gift Wallet is accepted across all Paytm merchants, with over 2 crore+ offline and online merchants. It offers your recipients the flexibility to choose the gift they truly need.

Instant procurement & delivery

Sending physical gifts, vouchers, or gift cards takes time and effort as you need to decide the brand you want to select first. Moreover, it comes with additional logistics costs and operational costs such as managing the data for delivery addresses and tracking the shipments after dispatch for their delivery status.

With Paytm Gift Wallet, you can avoid delays and the hassle of choosing a brand altogether. You can send money to the individual gift wallets of the recipients with a click of a few buttons and let them decide what they want to get for themselves without worrying about the inventory and logistics.

Paytm business dashboard

The most crucial benefit that Paytm Gift Wallet offers is that it can completely digitize corporate gifting for your organization. With our powerful business dashboard, you can manage all gift wallets from a single platform.

Here are some exclusive features you can benefit from by using Paytm Gift Wallet:

Comprehensive reports & intelligent analytics

Track the performance of your gift wallet campaigns using in-depth reports we deliver. With the self-service reporting system, you can fetch real-time reports of those campaigns.

You can also fetch reports for different periods such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Easy processing

Sending gift wallets is easy. All you need to do is add accounts and enter some basic details of the gift wallet receivers. Just like that, you can start sending money to them instantly.

Accounts & passbook

The Paytm app allows the users to view balance and passbook in their Paytm App.

You just need to use your Payouts account for sending money to gift wallets. At the same time, the passbook feature in your Payouts dashboard will allow you to reconcile funds moving to and from accounts.

Quick hassle-free integration

Unlike traditional gifting solutions, Paytm Gift Wallet gives you complete control of the gifting process through a robust dashboard as well as the availability of the API integration option, backed by a technical support team.

Get dedicated customer support 365 days a year

Paytm Gift Wallet comes with a dedicated team of customer support specialists who are ready to answer your gift wallet-related queries throughout the year.

With so many features, Paytm Gift Wallet is a great alternative to traditional corporate gifting companies as you also get the Paytm assurance.

So, don’t put corporate gifting on hold till the last minute.

Switch to Paytm Gift Wallet today!

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