Bank Offers Introduction



Bank Offers empower merchants to provide discounts / cashback to their customers, encouraging them to make transactions on their platforms regularly. Payment Instrument Based Offers / Bank Offers can be provided by merchant in agreement with the banks. Paytm’s Offer Engine allows the customers to find the offers created at Paytm along with verifying and applying any one of the offers applicable on the payment instrument selected by the customer.

There are two main steps to run an offer:

  1. Offer Creation
  2. Offer Integration with Payment Gateway Checkout


Bank Offer Types


  1. Amount Based Offers

    Amount-based offers on payment instruments can be availed as discount / cashback when the transaction amount meets the merchant-specified conditions. These discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total purchase price. Merchant can get the offers created at the amount level in the Paytm offer engine for these types of offers. 


    Example: Additional Discount of 10% upto Rs 1000 on minimum purchase of products worth Rs 5000 on ICICI CC and ICICI CC EMI payment option.

    To know more about Amount based offer creation, refer Offer Creation via Email.


  2. SKU/Item based Offers

    Product-based offers, also known as SKU/Item based Offers, are promotions that retailers use to incentivize customers to purchase specific products or groups of products. These offers would be applicable only on specific items during checkout. Also, SKU-based offers can be used to offer discounts, limited-time offers, or bundled products, and can be targeted on specific products to increase sales. Retailers can use these promotions to encourage customers to try new products or to increase sales of complementary products.

    Example: Additional Discount of 10% upto Rs 1000 on iPhone 14 on ICICI CC and ICICI CC EMI payment option

     Note: Merchants or brands will be able to run offers on specific tenures like 3, 6 months rather than all the tenures of an issuer. Example: Additional Discount of 10% upto Rs 1000 on purchase using ICICI Credit Card EMI for 3,6 months.
    To know more about SKU-based offer creation, refer Offer Creation via Email.


Bank Offer Contributions


  1. Brand Funded Offers

    Brand-funded offers are the offers funded by a brand on their products to incentivize sales. These offers can be targeted towards specific products or categories or can be general discounts that apply to the entire product range.

    Example: Apple funded offers on iPhone on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, etc

  2. Merchant / Bank Funded Offers

    These offers are funded by the merchant on their platform. These offers can be on specific products or amount-based offers.

  3. Co-funded Offers

    These offers are funded with the offer contribution shared by the merchant and brand on their platform. 

    Example: 70% contribution by brand and 30% contribution by a merchant on the Apple iPhone on Croma


Bank Offer Creation


To run an offer, the offer construct needs to be configured as well. There are two ways to achieve this construct configuration - DIY mode via Paytm Dashboard or through email to Support team. 


Option 1: Offer Creation via Paytm Dashboard (Do-It-Yourself)


Through Paytm Dashboard, you can create, configure and control the offer campaigns. You can define the rules which must be set in order for user gratification to happen. You can define the campaign rules, which a user must satisfy in order to get the gratification. Additionally, you can manage campaigns anytime. 


For more information about DIY Offer Creation, refer to Offer Creation via Paytm Dashboard.


Option 2: Through email to Paytm Support


Offer constructs can be shared with KAMs and they can get the offer campaign configured through our backend.


For more information about Offer Creation via email, refer to Create Offer via Email.