Affordability FAQs


Please refer to the below frequently asked questions related to Affordability.


  1. What are the checkout flows on which standard EMI payment mode is supported?-

    Standard EMI as a payment mode is available in all checkout flows. For enabling EMI payment mode, please contact us.

  2. Is EMI subvention i.e. no cost EMI supported on JS checkout?+
  3. Is EMI subvention i.e. no cost emi supported on app invoke solution?+
  4. What is the difference between amount and item based subvention, please specify with an example.+
  5. I am not able to get the EMI as a payment option on my checkout page. How can I resolve this issue?+
  6. Is debit card EMI supported?+
  7. How are the subvention plans configured for my mid?+
  8. How is the interest rate charged by bank gratified to the user in no cost EMI plans?+
  9. What is needed to be provided for giving no cost EMI plan for making payment by the user?+
  10. For what paymodes can I configure bank offers?+
  11. Which checkout flows support bank offers?+
  12. I want the best offer to be applied on a transaction without specifying the offer code. How can I achieve this?+
  13. How can I configure bank offer?+
  14. Who pays for the bank offer amount that is gratified to the user?+
  15. Can I run bank offers without integration?+
  16. Can we run brand funded offers/ item based offers?+
  17. How does the bank offer/EMI Subvention get applied?+

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