Refunds Report


In the refunds section of the dashboard, you will get the complete list of refunds that have been performed through AI Router. 



You can filter out the refunds based on the following filters


  • Duration: You can view the transaction history for a particular time duration using the following filters: 
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • This week
    • This month
    • Custom Range (31 days Max selection)


  • Transaction Status: You can also filter out on the basis of the refund or the refund transaction status, i.e.
    • Success
    • Pending
    • Failed
    • All 


  • In addition to these filters, there is also a separate filter section, with a more comprehensive list of filters which will help you in narrowing down the refund list, as per your requirements. This includes:  
    • Transaction ID
    • Promo code
    • Order ID
    • Customer ID
    • Response Code
    • Merchant unique Reference
    • Customer Email ID
    • Customer Phone Number
    • Bank Transaction ID
    • Payment Source
    • Payment Gateway
    • CC / DC Last 4 Digits

List View 


The list view showcases the refund data in a very simple and clean manner. Here, only the key fields such as the Refund ID, Refund Date, Payment Order ID, Gateway Name, and Refund Amount, are listed for any particular time duration. 



Detailed View


You can further go to the detailed view by clicking on any of these transactions. This will open up a pop-up panel on the right side of the page, showing further details of that particular transaction. 



Here you can see additional fields such as the RRN (Refund Reference Number), "Refunded To" and Customer Details.


Bulk Refunds

AI Router also provides the flexibility to initiate Bulk Refunds for multiple transactions directly from the panel. Please follow the below steps for initiating a Bulk Refund: 

  1. Click on the Bulk Refunds button on the top-right corner of the refunds panel
  2. A pop-up will open. Download the sample file present in the dashboard. 


  3. The sample file will have TXN_ID, REFUND_AMOUNT, and REFUND_REASON as the header. Here you need to fill in the requisite details for the transactions for which you would want to raise a refund.

     Note: Do not change the sheet column headers. 

  4. Once you have entered the details, you can upload the CSV file to initiate the refund.