1. User selects cards as a payment option and enters the card details. 
  2. Once the user enters the first 9 digits of the card, Super Router's Fetch Bin Details API will be called. This API validates the BIN entered by the user. 
  3. Once the user clicks on Pay, Pay API will be called. In the case of a card transaction, this API will return a bank form in response, where the user will be asked to enter the OTP. 
  4. Once the user submits the OTP, Super Router will route the transaction to the selected Payment Gateway / Aggregator for processing.
  5. The PA / PG will process the transaction and return the status back to Super Router. 
  6. Merchant will call the Transaction Status API to verify the final payment status with Super Router.
  7. Super Router returns the transaction status back to the merchant's server and the final status is displayed to the user.