Disputes FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to Disputes and its integration.


  1. How merchants can see a list of all chargebacks/disputes?-

    Merchants can find a list on the Disputes tab of Paytm Dashboard. You can also download disputes reports through the Disputes tab on Paytm Dashboard. This report will contain a list of all disputes in the chosen time duration.

  2. Should merchants reply to the disputes email to share proofs?+
  3. Is the due date for all disputes the same?+
  4. Can there be multiple disputes in the same order?+
  5. Can we refund the customer on receiving a dispute?+
  6. Would merchants get visibility of debits?+
  7. Who all in the merchant's company would be able to see and respond to disputes through Paytm Dashboard?+
  8. On which email ID would all the communication happen?+
  9. Which all formats are supported for proof submission?+
  10. What is the maximum number and size of a document allowed?+
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