Ecommerce Plugins FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to Ecommerce Plugins and its integration.


  1. What is the use of Paytm payment plugin and where can I find the latest version?-

    Paytm Payment Plugins are the fastest way to accept payments from your customers on your existing e-commerce website using UPI, Debit/Credit Cards, Netbanking and Paytm Wallet.
    Paytm plugins are available for all major e-commerce platforms. Click on your hosting provider to visit the respective Github page where you can download the plugin as well as integration guidelines.
    Please visit Paytm Ecommerce Plugins and Hosted Platforms page.

  2. While customer trying to pay from my website, it start loading, nothing happens. How to fix this?+
  3. What information is required from Paytm to integrate any plugins?+
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