Guest Checkout Solution


Guest Checkout(GC) is a transaction flow where customers provide their complete card details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code, during the checkout process. As per the latest RBI guidelines Merchants, Payment Gateways(PGs) and Payment Aggregators(PAs) are not allowed to store Card on File Data for Guest Checkout Transactions.


In order to comply with the RBI guidelines the networks have come out with a solution where GC transactions can be performed with GC Token (aka Alt ID) instead of the actual Card Number(aka Card PAN). The GC Token is similar to a Card on File Token in construct however it does not require any user consent for generation with the card network. Paytm has partnered with all major card networks to provide a comprehensive and single-integrated solution to our merchants. Kindly note GC checkout compliance is applicable for all merchants that collect card payments from their customers on their app or website.

Payment Flow

  1. Cardholder enters complete card details on your app/website and proceeds to pay
  2. Merchants initiate the GC Token generation request with their COFT Token Requestor let's say Paytm 
  3. Paytm will then send the GC Token generation request to the corresponding card network 
  4. Card Network returns a card-specific GC token with issuer approval and transaction-specific cryptogram to Paytm
  5. Paytm returns the GC Token and Cryptogram corresponding to your request. In addition to this Paytm also provides the last 4 digits of the card, issuing bank and other GC token-related card attributes in response.
  6. Merchants can now initiate a GC transaction with their preferred PA with GC Token and Cryptogram similar to a Card PAN transaction
  7. Alternatively, you can initiate the transaction with the original Card PAN to Paytm PA.  Note that this flow is not available for all card networks and can be offered on case to case basis. Kindly reach out to your Paytm KAM to check the feasibility.