CVV-less Payments


CVV-less transaction processing enables customers to complete saved card payments without entering Card Verification Value (CVV). This experience has been recently introduced by Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, and Amex to further enhance the saved card experience for your repeat customers.

Paytm has partnered with all the above-mentioned card networks to provide CVV-less saved card payment experience to your customers. 

Please note that removing CVV validation from saved card payments performed using card-on-file tokens does not reduce the security of the transaction. Repeat purchases using saved card payments are authorised with dynamic CVV (aka cryptogram) instead of static CVV printed on your card. Also, OTP is still mandatory for CVV-less saved card payments. This feature is 100% secure and compliant with RBI guidelines.


Read more about saved card payment transaction processing here.

Key Advantages

  1. User convenience: Removing CVV input reduces the time to complete the payment. No more scrambling for the physical card while making repeat purchases using saved cards.
  2. Improved Success Rate: CVV-less flow offers up to 3% higher SR than with CVV saved card payment flow. This is due to the elimination of failures caused by incorrect CVV entered by the customer.