JS Checkout FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to JS Checkout and its integration.


  1. What is JS Checkout?-

    It is a javascript based integration for using paytm payment gateway.

  2. How to configure JS code?+
  3. I have generated JS and pasted in the file and getting an error on script load is not defined.+
  4. Is any backend(PHP,java,.net, python) language required for JS Checkout integration?+
  5. Why we need to use backend language in JS Checkout integration?+
  6. How many paymode are supported in JS Checkout?+
  7. Can we reorder paymode in JS Checkout?+
  8. How can I include/exclude a paymode in JS Checkout?+
  9. Can I change color scheme of JS Checkout cashier screen according to my website theme?+
  10. I want to manage callback in the same page instead of redirecting to other page, How can I do that?+
  11. Is EMI subvention is supported in JS Checkout?+
  12. How can we acheive EMI Subvention in JS Checkout?+
  13. Is bank offers supported in JS Checkout?+
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