1. User selects Netbanking as a payment option and a list of banks is fetched using Fetch NB Channels API. These are the list of banks that are currently supported to accept Netbanking payments through Super Router. 
  2. Once the user selects a particular bank and proceeds with the payment, the Payment API of Super Router is called which returns a bank form to redirect the user to the bank's Netbanking login page. 
  3. User will enter their Netbanking credentials to login to their Netbanking account.

     Note: From the login page onwards, the control of payment flow lies with the bank with which the user is making the payment.

  4. After payment completion, the user is redirected back to the checkout page. Merchants will call the Transaction Status API to verify the final payment status with Super Router.
  5. Super Router returns the transaction status back to the merchant's server and the final status is displayed to the user.