Offer Configuration

In this section, you can provide the following details to configure a bank offer campaign. 


Payment Instrument: Select one or more payment instruments like Net Banking, CC, EMI etc as per your agreement with the bank which would allow you to extend discount to your end users. This is a mandatory field.

Banks: Select one or more banks from the list of banks. Please verify the agreement with the bank based on the payment instrument selected. This is a mandatory field.

Payment Network: Select one or more networks on which you want to make the offer valid. If left blank, all the listed networks would be considered for the offer.

Bank Error/ Payment Instrument/Payment Network Error Message: Enter the error messages pertaining to each bank/payment instrument/payment network error. You can fetch them in response to the Apply Offers API. If no message is added, the default error message would be displayed.



Upload BIN Details 

This section describes how to manage the bank offer campaigns on particular BINs. You can upload a list of 6 or 8 digit BIN. Use the sample format available while uploading the file. This is a non-mandatory field.

  • If you want to run a bank offer/campaign on particular BINs, then select Include BIN and upload the set of BINs in the given format. 
  • If you do not want to run a bank offer/campaign on particular BINs, then select Exclude BIN and upload the set of BINs in the given format. 



Offer Details


Offer Type: This section enables you to choose either discount or cashback as the type of bank offer which you want to offer to your end users. This is a mandatory field. 


  • Discount: It means your user gets an instant discount on the final transaction and reduces the price upfront. 


    Example: If the offer says “Get Rs 100 off on minimum order value of Rs 1000”, then if the order value is Rs 1100, an instant discount of Rs 100 will apply and the user will pay Rs 1000 only. For Paytm, transaction value would be Rs 1000 only and settlement would be done as per Rs 1000 order value only. 


  • Cashback: It means you/your bank offers a reward in the form of cashback to the users after the successful completion of the transaction. It gets credited into a user’s account after a certain time, as per the terms and conditions of your offer/campaign on using your services. 


    Example: If you offer 10% cashback to your user on a minimum order value of Rs.1000, then if the order value is Rs.1000, initially the user will pay Rs.1000 only. The cashback of Rs. 100 will be credited into the user’s account later. Here, for the same offer, order value will be Rs 1000 only i.e. Paytm will treat it as Rs 1000 transaction value and settlement will be done as per Rs 1000 order value.

 Note: Currently, Paytm does not support Cashback offer type in the DIY mode. However, you can get it configured through special request by contacting your KAM or Paytm Support




This section explains how you can extend either the flat amount discount or the percentage discount to your users on a transaction. 

  1. Choose FLAT option, if your campaign is of type ”Get FLAT Rs 50 off on orders above Rs 1000”
  2. Choose PERCENTAGE option, if your offer is of following type: 
  • Get 15% off on minimum order value of Rs 1000  
  • Get 15% off or upto Rs 100 on minimum order value of Rs 1000 


 Note: Any change made by a merchant to a live campaign’s rules may take upto 30 minutes to reflect. Hence, it is advised that changes to a live campaign must be minimal. And whenever required, it must be done during the non-peak hours. 

For example, if a merchant changes the discount from 10% to 15%. It may take upto 30 minutes for this value to reflect in response to the API. In those 30 minutes, this may happen anytime (say the change happens at 16th minute then users till that time would get a 10% discount and after the change reflects, the users will enjoy 15% discount). Hence, merchants are advised to ensure front-end handling/user communication accordingly in sync with the offer constructs. Merchant must ensure the API response and the offer that is advertised is the same. 

 Recommendation: Always include in each campaign’s terms & conditions that the merchant can withdraw or change the offer without any prior information or notice.



Campaign Rules

Paytm has offered some non-mandatory rules which you can choose and apply in summation to make them work together smoothly. For a user to get the benefits of the offer/campaign, a user must satisfy all the rules. Ruling out a single rule will disqualify the user from getting the benefits, and will show an error message associated with that rule.


  • Currently, we support 10 active campaigns per MID. If you want a large number of campaigns to be allowed for your MID, please reach out to your KAM or contact us. 
  • If you want to add more customization features w.r.t Bank Offers configuration, please feel free to reach out to your KAM.