Paytm Payouts - Introduction

With a growing business, there grows a need to focus more on the targets and goals, smoother operations and customer-oriented product and services. While you focus on growing your business, fund disbursals (eg: timely payment to your suppliers or instant cashback or other rewards to your customers) can become one big challenge.


Whether you are a small or a large business, Paytm Payouts is a one-stop solution for managing all your disbursal needs with real time updates and notifications. It gives you an edge over traditional banking by offering you a single in-house developed and an easy to use platform to transfer funds in bulk, manage and pay vendor/supplier invoices, pay monthly electricity or other bill payments, manage and pay employee salaries and other expenses like rents and reimbursements etc. Paytm Payouts also allows you to create multi user profiles and provides real time tracking of all day to day transactions for easy reconciliation. Also, bulk payments can be processed 24*7 at industry best success rates using this easy to use Payouts Dashboard or simple API integrations.


Benefits of Using Paytm Payouts

You have a great advantage of speeding and streamlining your funds and payments with Paytm Payouts. Listed below are some major benefits of using Paytm Payouts over traditional banking practices.

Benefits Paytm Payouts Traditional banking
24*7 payments on the go

✔︎ Instant Payments
✔︎ Available on weekends & bank holidays
✔︎ 24*7 Wallet, NEFT, IMPS & UPI Transfers

 Waiting for beneficiary cool off period
 Available in banking hours
 Multi step processes

Multiple Payout Options Transfer money to:

icon Paytm wallets

icon Bank accounts

icon Digital gold

icon Utility payments

icon Mobile recharges

Transfer only to bank accounts
Higher Success Rate

✔︎ In- house developed technology for higher success rates
✔︎ Largest customer base with UPI, Paytm Wallet and Paytm Payment Bank Account

 Outsourced technology, hence lower success rates
 Dependency on external issuers

Easy Reconciliation

✔︎ All record vs each transaction is available at single click
✔︎ Real time updates
✔︎ Set notifications for ongoing and overdue payments
✔︎ Smarter way to avoid overdues

 Multiple excel sheets for reconciliation
 Tedious process

Multiple Sub accounts
✔︎ Create multiple disbursal accounts for every office, location, business vertical or for budget management

✔︎ Organize funds in these sub accounts for budget management and provide access to relevant users

 Banking systems do not provide this option

Multiple Role management

✔︎ Create a custom approval flow for smoother & transparent operation flow
✔︎ Add as many sub users and allocate roles to them

 Banking systems do not provide this option

Additional Benefits

✔︎ Instant verification of account details
✔︎ Schedule and automate payments
✔︎ Instant beneficiary addition
✔︎ Detailed reports for easy reconciliation

 Banking systems have very limited products to offer


Paytm payouts has following main features to accelerate your business processes:

  • Powerful dashboard and easy to integrate APIs
  • Payouts and Disbursal Accounts with detailed passbook for monitoring funds flow
  • Instant addition of customers, vendors and employees to the dashboard
  • Instant validation of bank or UPI details
  • Disbursal of funds is easy and available 24*7
  • Enterprise bill payments for all utilities such as electricity, internet, water, phone etc
  • Effortless management of multiple users, their roles and stores
  • Customized approvals workflow
  • Comprehensive payout reports for easy reconciliation
  • Better experience to your customers with easy processing of rewards and refunds



Accounts & Passbook

This section can be used to view balance, view/download passbook, transfer money from Payout and Disbursal Accounts. These accounts can be used to pay bills, vendor payments, employee reimbursements, etc. The passbook allows you to reconcile funds moving to and from the accounts.


Transaction History

This section captures the details of each transaction done using Paytm Payouts and allows you to download reports for easy reconciliation.


Bill Payments

Paytm Payouts is an Enterprise bill payments solution, with features like bulk bill payments, auto bill fetches, reminders to avoid late fees and much more for multiple business locations. Integrated with more than 95% of billers in India, the bill payments module has the industry-wise best success rates for all types of bill payments such as electricity, water, internet, gas, phone etc.


Vendor Invoices

Paytm Payouts is a digital approach to transition manual invoice management to an organized online vendor invoicing. The vendor Invoices module is focused on accelerating vendor payments, simplifying approval cycles, monitoring invoices and related documentation and accurately tracking the cash flow.



Paytm Payouts allows merchants to create customized workflows as per the processes followed by their business. It creates workflows for routing and monitoring of funds flow in the business system by allowing the addition of multiple users and allocating them to restrictive roles.



The Reports section allows you to download the Payout Account passbook, Transaction History and many more such reports for easy reconciliation and reporting.