Payout Links

A Payout Link is the simplest way of making payments to vendors and customers without requiring bank account details. It can be created from the Paytm Payouts dashboard using basic details such as the receiver’s name, phone number and the amount to be paid. This secure link is further shared to the customer via SMS or email to collect bank/UPI details for making payment.


Feature & Benefits

Generally, for the process of payout where bank details are initially not available, the primary action is to collect the bank details and verify them. After verification, the payout details are shared with the finance team which again verifies and queues the payout to the next payment cycle with a minimum wait time of 3- 7 working days. All this can be simplified and with many advantages:

  • Instant payouts
  • Easy 3 step money transfer
  • Secure payouts with OTP verification
  • Auto fetch of all the payment mode options for a UPI registered Paytm user
  • Receivers can choose from any payout options such as a Paytm Wallet, UPI or any other bank account to receive payment
  • High success rate with smart routing
  • 24*7 payouts 

With such numerous advantages, Paytm Payout links have proved to be of great benefit to the following:

  • E-Commerce companies to process Cash On Delivery (COD) refunds
  • Gaming Companies
  • Insurance companies to settle claims

Paytm Payout Links immensely reduces the refund time for cash on delivery customers who were otherwise given a refund window of 10-15 working days. Game winnings, referral incentives to customers or channel partners can be settled instantly through payout links. The rental business has seen a boom over the last couple of years but the process of refunding the security deposit to the customers after the usage period is a long and tedious one. With payout links, this security amount is refunded instantly to the customer in the desired bank account, ensuring a better customer experience.

Create Payout Link

Create Single Link

Paytm Payout link can be created using the steps below:

  1. From the left main menu, under the 'Payouts' section, select 'Payout Links'.
  2. Click the 'Create Link' button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Fill in the customer details such as Name, Mobile Number, Amount to be paid, Email Id etc. in the form.
  4. Select the Disbursal Account from which the payout will be processed.
  5. Customers selects SMS & E-mail as a mode to notify about this link. One or both modes of notification can be chosen as required.
  6. Select the Expiry Date for the payout link. By default the expiry date is chosen as 10 days from the date of creation of the link. However this can be reduced as per the requirement.
  7. Enter the Purpose for payout link creation.
  8. Click the 'Create Link' button.
    This newly added link can be seen in the All Links subsection under the Payout links section.


Create Bulk Link

To create the Payout Links in bulk, follow the steps below:

  1. From the left main menu, under the 'Payouts' section, select 'Payout Links'.
  2. Click the 'Create Bulk Links' button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the 'Disbursal Account' from which the payout will be processed.
  4. Upload the file using the 'Bulk Upload' button to create payout links in bulk.
  5. Sample file for bulk creation can be downloaded from the 'Download Sample File' option.
    The bulk uploaded files are available in the ‘Bulk Links’ subsection in the Payout Links.

💡 Tip
Maximum 5000 payout links can be created at once through bulk link creation.


View Payment Link

All the links that are created can be viewed in the All Links section:

  1. The global filters can be set for the duration, sub-wallet i.e disbursal account, status, and expiry date.
  2. When a new Payout Link is created, it appears under the 'All Links' section with an 'Active' Status.
  3. The 'Resend Link' button can be used to notify the customer again to use the link to accept the payments.

    💡 Tip
    The 'Resend Link' button will only be available if the Payout link is in 'Active' State.  Click here to know more about the statuses of Payout Link.

    Note: Within the active period of the Payout Link, three SMS notifications can be sent to the customer. Also, only one SMS notification per day can be sent to the customer.

  4. Click any Payout Link to view more details about that transaction such as beneficiary name, mobile number, disbursal account, creation expiry date, current status of the link and last notification sent etc. The option to copy the Payout Link URL is also mentioned in the right drawer list view.
  5. In this right drawer menu, click at the top right three dot menu to select options for Resend Link, Duplicate Link, and Delete Link.

Status of Payout Link

The status for a Payout link can be seen under the 'All Links' tab in the list view under the 'Status' header. A Payout Link, in its lifecycle will have different statuses. Below are the different statuses for a Payout Link:

  • Active: It indicates that the Payout Link is created successfully and the payout is yet to be made. If the payment details are awaited from the customer end, then also the status is 'Active'.
  • Success: When the payment to the customer is successful through the payout link, the status moves to 'Success'.
  • Failed: When the payment to the customer fails through the payout link, the status moves to 'Failed'.
  • Pending: It indicates the payout is initiated but pending on customer bank or system to 'Process'.
  • Link Processing: The status moves to link processing if the link creation is initiated but due to some technical issues the creation is in process. From the Link Processing State, it can move to Active status or Link Creation Failed status.
  • Link Creation Failed: If the link cannot be created successfully, the status moves to link creation failed.
  • Expired: If the link remains unused even after the set expiry date, the status moves to 'Expired'.
  • Cancelled: The merchant can also cancel the link before it is claimed by the customer. Only an active link can be cancelled by the merchant.

Payout Link Settings

Some key settings for the Payout Links can be done from the 'Payout Link Settings'. The settings for a mode of disbursal, notification to customers are set from this section.

  1. On the left main menu, under 'Settings', go to the 'Profile' section.
  2. Under the 'Payout Settings' tab, select the 'Payout Link Settings'.
  3. Under the 'Disbursal Settings', the user is allowed to select all Payout Disbursal options that can be provided to the customer, i.e. Bank, UPI, and Wallet. Atleast one option has to be selected to define the mode of payout.
  4. Under the 'SMS Settings', the user is allowed to send a default or customized SMS text messages to the customers using the 'SMS Text' option.
  5. Under the 'SMS Settings', the user is allowed to set the be either default or customized SMS reminder text using the 'Reminder SMS Text' option.
  6. The toggle button can be used to set the reminder notification rules.

Payout Link Reports

To download the reports for payout links, follow the steps below:

  1. Set the filter values for duration, status, sub-wallet account etc.
  2. Click the 'Download Report’ button.
  3. Go to the 'Reports' section in the left main menu and select ‘Payout Link Report’.
  4. The report will be available in the 'History' section.