Every report generated for any module such as bill payments, vendor invoices, payout links etc can be downloaded from the reports section. The reports section is available in the Left Main Menu of the Payouts dashboard. 
In the reports section, the left side lists down the modules for which reports can be downloaded and the right side lists down the download history.

Transaction Report

All the reports generated for ‘Transaction History’ can be downloaded from this section.

  1. On the left main menu, go to the ‘Transaction History’ tab. 
  2. Set filters for the duration, sub wallet, and status from the ‘ All Transactions’ tab.
  3. Click the ‘Download Statement’ button.
  4. Under the ‘Reports’ section on the left main menu, this report will be available in the ‘Transaction Report’ section. This report can be downloaded and shared via email.

Proforma Invoice

All the proforma invoices generated by the merchant can be downloaded from this section. One of the main reasons to generate the proforma invoices is for the finance team or treasury team to release funds for the funding wallet.

  1. Select the Year to check the list of promoforma’s generated in that year.
  2. Click the ‘Generate Proforma Invoice’ to create a proforma invoice.
  3. Fill in the details for the fund requirement. The generated proforma is listed in the Invoice History section from where you can download the PDF file.

Service Fee Invoice

This section shows the details of the service commission charged for Payout transactions. The service fee which is charged one-time is reflected three days after the funds are added in the funding account. In case of service fee charged on per transaction the detailed report is available in this section.

Bill Payment History

This section has the reports that are generated for the bill payments section.

  1. On the left main menu, go to the Bill Payments section.
  2. Use the ‘Download Bill Payment History’ to get the bill payments history. 
  3. The file will be available for download in the ‘Reports’ section in the main menu, under the ‘Bill Payment History’ tab.

For more details on bill payment reports, click here.


Vendor Invoice

This section consists of the reports that are generated for the vendor invoices section. It lists down the reports for all three sections of the vendor invoices module i.e. Invoices, Payments, and Credit Notes.
Click here for step by step guide to generate the report for the vendor invoices section.


Payout Link Reports

This section has the reports that are generated for the payout links module. To know more about generating reports for payout links, click here.


Historical Reports

The Historical Reports section allows a merchant to generate a consolidated report for all the transactions done on the Paytm Payouts dashboard. Merchants needing detailed reports for account reconciliation can easily fetch the data for each transaction via the historical reports section.

  1. Under the reports section on the left main menu, select the ‘Historical Reports’ option.
  2. Select ‘Order Transaction History’ option to get the data for all the transactions and ‘Account Passbook’ option to download the data for the Account and Passbook section.
  3. Set the values for filters for the duration, order status, and disbursal account as per the requirement.
  4. Click "Generate Report’. The report is available to be downloaded in the bottom section.
  • Reports can be downloaded for any custom range upto 1 year from 1st April 2020.
  • It may take upto 24 hours for reports to be generated based on the duration of the reports.
  • Reports for closing balance will be present from 1st April 2020.
  • Duplicate reports request will be rejected.
  • The user is informed over an email when the requested report is ready.

đź’ˇ  Tip
The default settings provide access to historical reports only to the admin user. However, the Admin user can give access to one or more sub users by creating role in a few simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ under the left main menu and select ‘Manage Users & Roles’.
  2. Go to the ‘Roles’ tab and  then select 'Payout account’.
  3. Click the ‘Historical Reports’ and give access to teammates.