The profile section gives you an overview of all the generic settings of your Paytm Payouts account. The information such as bank details, business profile details, etc. can be verified from this section.


Payment Settings

This section displays the payment instrument, its monthly acceptance limits, charges & limits, etc.


Payout Settings

This section displays the details of the bank account(s) linked to the Payouts account. The Settlement Cycle of T+1 days would mean payments that happen today (0000 hours to 23.59 hours), will be settled tomorrow in the bank account. Settlement may happen till the end of the next day (till 23.59 hours).


Account Details

This section displays the merchant details such as display name, merchant Id, etc. The default plan for every merchant is the Enterprise plan. The user can also verify other details such as PAN no, GSTIN, Address, etc. from this section.

Payout Product Settings

Account Validation

Paytm Payouts provides single and bulk account validation services for both API and Dashboard for all three types of services - Bank, UPI VPA, and Paytm Wallet. 
To know more about each validation type and understand the process for setting up validation settings, click here.


Payout Link

Some key settings for the Payout Links can be done from the Payout Link Settings. The settings for a disbursal mode, notification to customers are set from this section. to know more, click here.

Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer is an efficient way to increase the success rate of bank and wallet transfers by automatically retrying all payment failures. This tab enables the queueing of payouts. To know more about the Smart Transfer feature, click here.


Auto Add Money

This sub-section allows the user to create a standing instruction for adding money to a user wallet or to a disbursal account on the basis of a threshold amount.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and click 'Payouts Product Settings’.
  2. Go to ‘Auto Add Money’.
  3. Click ‘Add Instruction’ and select from ‘Gratification wallet’ or ‘Disbursal Account’.
  4. To set standing instructions, enter information for Mobile No/Email Id for the user wallet for which the standing instruction is to be created. This is not required in case of a disbursal account.
  5. Enter the minimum balance to be maintained in this wallet or disbursal account.
  6. Enter the top-up amount that is to be added when the wallet/disbursal account balance goes below the set minimum balance amount.
  7. Select the disbursal account from which the funds will be transferred to this wallet.
    Note: Money can be added into a disbursal account only by the payouts account.
  8. Click ‘Create Standing Instruction’ to finally set up Auto Add Money for the wallet or disbursal account. All the standing instructions can be seen in the list view.
  9. Use the toggle button to activate/deactivate any particular standing instruction.
  10. Using the three-dot menu, the instruction can also be edited or deleted.


Manage Alerts

This section is used to set up alert notifications for low balance or new fund addition in the accounts.


Low balance alert

Low balance notifications can be set for payout or any disbursal account. A threshold amount can be set for each account and the user gets notified whenever the balance goes lower than the set limit. 

  1. Under the ‘Settings’ menu, go to the ‘Manage Alerts’ section and then select ‘Add Alert’.
  2. Select the account for which the low balance alert needs to be set.
  3. Enter the threshold amount below which the system will trigger an alert notification.
  4. Mention one or more email Ids where the alert notification can be sent.
  5. Click ‘Add Alert’ to confirm the alert settings.
  6. To edit an existing alert, click the three-dot menu and select ‘edit alert’.
  7. Make the desired changes and click ‘Save’.


Fund Addition Alert

This section allows you to set the fund addition alert for the Payouts account when funds are added. The threshold value is set from the backend.



Registered Bank Accounts

The payout account (VAN) can only be funded through registered bank accounts. The registered bank accounts are also validated with penny drop. Follow the steps below to register a bank account :

  1. Under the ‘Settings’ menu, go to ‘Payout Product Settings’.
  2. Go to the ‘Registered Bank Accounts’.
  3. Click ‘Add bank account’ to see the instructions for penny drop for account validation.

Dashboard Settings

Notification Settings

The section allows the user to set a primary email address and phone number for receiving the notification messages from the Paytm Payouts dashboard.


Payout Link Setting

This section provides the disbursal account settings and SMS settings for Payout Link. For more details, click here.


Custom Approval Workflow

Now applicable for Money transfer to wallets and banks.  The step by step details to set up the customized workflow for approvals are mentioned here.