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Wired Connection Overview



In addition to standalone payment terminals, Paytm offers seamless integrated solutions for billing systems. With wired ECR integration, merchants can use their billing system to generate bills and send payment requests to the Paytm POS Machine through a USB wire. The Paytm POS Machine and billing system will remain connected through a USB wire. For establishing this connection, the Paytm wired ECR library is used as an interface between the Merchant's POS and Paytm POS Machine. 



System Requirements


S. No.  Supported OS Supported Billing Application Language Supported Paytm POS machines 
1 Windows Standalone application - coding language C#, VB.Net and VB 6, Python 3  Pax A910, Pax A50, Ingenico DX8000 
2 Linux Standalone application - coding language Java, Python 3 Pax A910, Pax A50, Ingenico DX8000


System Overview



Transaction Flow on Device