About Paytm Super Router



Super Router is an aggregator which connects with multiple payment aggregators to provide a single point of contact for routing payment traffic. Its advanced routing capabilities ensure a high payment success rate with hassle-free integration wherein instead of integrating with multiple PAs, you just need to do a simple single-point integration with the Super Router product.


Challenges with existing PA integrations


When it comes to PA integrations, merchants face multiple challenges. 

  • Single PA integration: For a merchant with single PA integration, the PA becomes a single point of failure and hence the merchant is heavily / completely dependent on the PA for routing traffic. Moreover, they have very less or almost negligible control over the routing logic. 
  • Multiple PA integrations: Merchants with multiple PA integrations have to bear a huge overhead and technical investment. It also adds to the operational overload in day-to-day activities as the merchant needs to connect with various PAs in case of any technical issues.


Advantages of Super Router


Below are the reasons how integrating with Super Router will help you overcome these challenges ensuring a smooth payment journey: 


  • Success Rate Optimisation: Super Router makes smart routing decisions by evaluating multiple gateways’ performances for a particular time period. Historic and real-time performance is taken into account while selecting a particular gateway, to ensure higher success rate. 
  • More control over routing logic: Super Router also incorporates merchant's preferences. Merchants can define their own routing logic for distributing the traffic between different gateways, based on various attributes such as - Payment method, Card schemes, Card Types, BINs, Issuer Banks, etc. This allows merchants to have more control over their payment distribution.
  • Seamless Integration with multiple PAs: Instead of integrating with multiple PAs, merchant needs to perform single integration with Super Router. Since Super Router is integrated with multiple high performing PGs for routing their traffic, merchants do not need to go through the hassle of performing and maintaining multiple integrations. 
  • In-depth data analytics: Super Router exposes merchants to Paytm's highly insightful data analytics dashboard that aggregates data from multiple PGs. The dashboard offers easy-to-understand data visualization options with in-depth insights of the payment trends, total collections, payment source analytics, etc. 

Super Router Transaction Flow


A simplistic view of the transaction journey is provided below:

  1. User selects a Payment Option on merchant's app / browser or Super Router's checkout page.
  2. Merchant's app / browser calls Super Router's API to initiate the payment. 
  3. Super Router registers an Order in its system against the merchant and fetches the Payment Aggregator /  Gateway configured by the merchant. 
  4. Super Router selects a gateway to route the payment. 
  5. Selected Aggregator / Gateway processes the payment & returns the status back to Router. 
  6. Router sends the payment status back to the merchant. 
  7. The final payment status is displayed to the user on the merchant’s app / website.