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Express Payments

Change the way your customers pay with Paytm Express Payments

Visa Card transactions just got swifter with no CVV & OTP authentication needed. Say yes to a smooth, quick & no-risk payment for your customers with just a one-time sign-up process.
Express Payments

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1 Lakh+
Payments processed every day
Higher payment success rate
Faster payments than card payments
Express Payments

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Built for speed & ease

One-time sign-in is enough

Let your customers enroll their card just once. No OTP or CVV is needed for future transactions below INR 2,000.

Opt-in by default upon sign-up

No explicit consent is required. Visa's consent and compliance approval are enough.

Payments across banks

As top banks embrace OTP-less payments to extend convenience to customers, so should you.

Highly Secure Mobile -Based Authentication

Paytm & Visa-backed robust risk engine makes CVV & OTP-Less transactions on mobiles, much more securer than normal OTP authenticated 2FA transactions.

Let customers pay across shops

Enable OTP-less payments for customers while they are paying in shops using QR scan and Pay Flow as well.

How it works?



While making a regular payment with the eligible VISA card, the customer can opt-in for OTP-less and CVV-less payment through a checkbox.
Repeat Payment

Repeat Payment

Mobile-based authentication combined with the robust risk engine of Paytm & Visa makes transaction more secure than normal OTP authenticated 2FA transaction.


The customer can opt-out of this service from the saved card section in payments, if s/he wants to discontinue.

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