How to Order Paytm Soundbox: Steps and Process Included

How to Order Paytm Soundbox - Paytm for Business

The total Internet users in India is expected to reach the 840 million mark by 2022 (Source). On the other hand, the count of real-time transactions in a day was 41 million in the country. This has been made possible with the network of both consumers and merchants. On one hand, consumers are willing to pay online because of the convenience it offers. On the other hand, more merchants have started accepting online payments to attract digitally-savvy consumers. 

If you look at the ground reality, there is a common issue that most merchants face – delay in the notification related to payment received from the customers. 

If you are like most merchants, you might have asked your customers to wait for some time and stay at your store until you receive a message or notification of a successful payment transfer. While doing this could lead to the loss of a few customers who cannot wait and are in a hurry, Paytm came up with a solution for this merchant-specific problem – Paytm Soundbox.

If you have seen it placed in your nearby stores and want it too, you’ve come to the right place. But before we take you through the details of how to order Paytm Soundbox, let’s look at its features in brief.

Paytm Soundbox simply means instant audio payment confirmation

Paytm Soundbox is a one-of-its-kind audio-assisted smart device that aims at simplifying merchant’s lives related to accepting payments online. It provides instant notification in audio format, telling you about the amount received on your linked account from a customer. This way, you need not face any hassle related to checking your phone inbox again and again for the payments received. 

In terms of hardware, it is a small use-case-specific device fitted with a portable speaker that notifies you of payment alerts. The device comes with SIM-based connectivity and shares a loud alert whenever a customer scans a Paytm QR code and makes a payment.

5 reasons why you should order Paytm Soundbox today

  • No time lag in receiving audio confirmation

A common problem that many offline merchants face with accepting digital payments is payment dodging. Many customers just pretend to scan the QR codes placed at the local retail stores and say that the payment is done without showing the payment success message to the merchant. In such a situation, three things happen that are not good for merchants like you:

  • The goods purchased from your store are already gone and you can’t get them back.
  • In case payment fails, the amount does not get debited from the customer’s account or card. It means that he could take the products away along with the payment.
  • Ultimately, there is financial loss on the merchant side.

Paytm Soundbox helps merchants deal with such situations by providing real-time audio payment confirmation. This way, you get to know the amount received from customers before they leave your store. 

  • Your language is Paytm Soundbox’s language

India is a widespread nation where 22 languages are spoken by citizens across its geographical stretch. Depending on the region where your business is located, you would be more comfortable speaking the native language with your customers than any other language. The same holds true when you receive payment confirmation in audio format from a sound-based device. 

For example, it makes no sense for a merchant store in a region where the native language is Telugu to receive payment confirmation notifications in Punjabi, or even English.

Paytm Soundbox also caters to this diversity by ensuring multi-lingual support. The smart device is available in the following languages:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Marathi
  • Kannada
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi 
  • Gujarati
  • Odia

It means you can set the language of your choice to get audio-based payment confirmation. 

  • Supports Paytm Wallet, UPI, cards, and more

It is entirely up to the customer to decide which digital payment option he or she wants to use to pay the merchant. As a merchant, you might have faced situations in which a customer wants to pay you online through a method that you did not support earlier, leading to a loss of sale. 

Does that imply that Paytm Soundbox will only share audio notifications for payments made via Paytm Wallet?

As a digital payment company, Paytm aims to simplify payment-related hassles for both customers and merchants. That’s the reason Paytm Soundbox has been designed to support a wide range of payment methods. In simple words, you will get audio payment confirmation irrespective of whether the customer pays you via Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, debit cards, credit cards, UPI, or net banking.

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  • Quick and easy Soundbox installation

Many merchants think of Paytm Soundbox as an advanced payment device that is difficult to use and install. However, that’s just a myth about Paytm Soundbox you might have come across.

In reality, all you need to do to start using Paytm Soundbox is to order it online and benefit from its hassle-free installation. Once your Paytm for Business account is linked to the device, you can simply start using it to simplify payment hurdles related to your business.

Steps to order Paytm Soundbox for your business

The steps to order Paytm Soundbox are as follows:

  • Visit Paytm for Business official website => Soundbox to read all about the product
  • Click on ‘Get Your Soundbox’ on the Soundbox page or simply click here
  • Select the type of Paytm Soundbox you want to order – Paytm Soundbox, Paytm Soundbox 2.0, or Paytm Soundbox 3.0 
  • Place an order for the suitable product version
  • Once it is delivered, install it as per the instructions given and you are ready to use it!

For any assistance related to using Paytm Soundbox, you can also call us at: 0120 – 4440440 or send us an email here.


How does Paytm Soundbox work?

The device works by announcing the amount received from your customers per transaction as they scan Paytm QR. It needs to be mapped to your Paytm QR to enable audio payment confirmation.

Can I get Paytm Soundbox for free?

Paytm Soundbox is a paid product and is available at a one-time device cost along with recurring monthly charges. For more information about Paytm Soundbox charges, click here.

Does Paytm Soundbox need Wifi to provide payment confirmation?

It does not require a Wifi connection and comes with a battery backup of 8-10 hours. 


More About Paytm Soundbox

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