Brand EMI & Offers



Brands extend offers for their products as per the agreement with banks and with merchants as well in some cases. The brands contribute to the bank and EMI subvention offers and are run on merchant's platform. This helps in increasing the sales of the brand on the merchant's platform.

Example 1: No Cost EMI on iPhone 14 (funded by Apple) - this can be run on Croma/Reliance Digital.

Example 2: Instant discount of Rs. 3000 (Co-funded between HDFC/Samsung) plus No cost EMI (funded by Samsung) on Samsung Galaxy S23 - This can also run on Croma/Reliance Digital platforms.

Run Brand EMI and Offers



  • EMI should be enabled on the merchant’s MID and plans must be configured for the banks on merchant’s MID.
  • Merchant has to integrate bank offers and EMI subvention on their checkout solution to run SKU based offers.


  1. Offer Creation:

    1. SKU/Item based Bank offers and EMI subvention should be created for the merchant.
    2. Merchant needs to share the offer details with KAM as per the format.

       Note: For Brand offer configuration, please use Brand and Category IDs as mentioned in the brandId and CategoryId section.
  2. T+1 Settlement of the Brand offer amount:

    1. For discount based Bank offers and EMI subvention offers funded by Brand, the benefit is provided to customer instantly but for merchant this amount will be settled on a later date by default (T+60 to T+90 days).
    2. For receiving the settlement of this brand offer on T+1, you may reach your Account Manager for extending this feature.
  3. IMEI/ Serial Number Validation:

    1. IMEI/ Serial number is a unique identifier for every unit of the products created by Brand (OEM).
    2. For availing benefit of Brand offers, some brands require merchants to validate the IMEI/Serial Number of the product purchased in their store/website.
    3. Paytm has integrated with the brands for facilitating a mechanism for merchants to validate the IMEIs.
    4. Merchants can either call our IMEI Validate API or make use of the Paytm Dashboard for validating IMEIs.


Validate IMEI


IMEI can be validated in one of the two ways:

  1. Via IMEI Validate API
  2. Via Paytm Dashboard


IMEI Validate API


This API is to called after the order with Brand offer is successful. In this API, merchant has to send the product details (Brand ID, Category ID, SKU code, IMEI) and also brand issued identifier for the merchant (Dealer code, State code).


  • For Blocking an IMEI/ Serial Number at Brand’s end, merchant has to call this API with Action: BLOCK.
  • If an order amount is refunded after IMEI/ Serial Block is successful, then merchant has to Unblock the IMEI/ Serial Number at Brand’s end so that the same product can be available for future sale. For this merchant has to call the same API with Action: UNBLOCK.


Validate IMEI via Paytm Dashboard


Prerequisite: Merchant needs to connect with Account Manager to enable this feature.

  1. Once the feature is enabled, login to merchant dashboard.
  2. On the left menu, select IMEI/Sr. No. Blocking
  3. Download a sample file which specifies inputs required for IMEI validation.
  4. Enter the Paytm Transaction ID and corresponding IMEI/Serial number of the product assigned to the customer as part of the transaction.
  5. Upload the final file in the Upload section.
  6. Validate the IMEIs on Real time with Brand and share an output file depicting validation status for each transaction.