Bank Offers Flow



Bank offers allows merchants to provide discounts / cashback to the customers which encourages customers to make repeat purchases on the merchant's platform. AI Router provides payment-instrument-based offers through our Paytm PG ecosystem. This means that AI Router internally connects with our Paytm PG's offer engine, to search offers created on Paytm and apply the best-suited offers based on the payment instrument entered by the user. 


Flow Supported for Bank Offers Integration through AI Router

Checkout Flow Payment Instrument Supported Offer Validation Payment Page experience Promo API Integration required at Merchant's end Offer Configuration
Custom Checkout
  • Credit card
  • Debit Card
Before Payment - Applicability of the offer is shown to the user before the user clicks on the Pay button Managed by Merchant Yes
  • On Paytm PG, directly through the dashboard
  • Via Backend - The offer construct needs to be shared with the KAM


Currently, bank offers are supported on Custom Checkout flow of AI Router for card transactions (CC / DC). Being a custom integration, merchant can retain their customised checkout page experience, as per their business need and brand theme while offering the benefits of bank offers on their checkout page. 


Type of Offer Validation

Hereby, validation happens before Payment. Also, in this type of integration merchants will be able to:

  1. Show and validate offers on their app / website
  2. Fetch offers and validate offers with the help of a few APIs
  3. Validation of offers on merchant app / website would help end users to see the offer benefit before they finalize their payment instrument to make payment


Offer Configuration

To run an offer, the offer construct needs to be configured on the merchant account. There are two ways to achieve this construct configuration: 

  1. Offers constructs can be shared with KAMs and they can get the offer campaign configured through our backend.
  2. DIY mode directly through PG dashboard - For detailed steps on offer configuration through the Paytm PG dashboard, please check the Bank offer configuration through the dashboard.


Bank offer configuration through dashboard

The bank offers configuration through Paytm Dashboard allows merchants to configure their bank offer campaigns in DIY mode where they can create offer rules and can configure end-to-end campaigns through our merchant panel. This will provide the merchants with more granular-level control over their campaigns as they can define and modify campaign rules, configuration, etc.


Steps to Configure Bank Offers

  1. Activate the Bank Offers tab: 
  2. Once your Bank offers tab is activated, click on Create Campaign
  3. A Create Bank Offers / campaign form prompts the merchants to provide the details to configure an offer in the following sections:

Transaction Journey for Bank Offers 

To start using Bank Offers flow on their custom checkout, merchants need to integrate with just 2 additional APIs, in addition to the already existing transactional APIs: 

  • Fetch All Payment Offers API: This API is used to fetch all the payment offers configured by a particular merchant on Paytm PG
  • Apply Promo API: This API is used to apply the available offers before the user proceeds with the payment. 

With our current bank offers flow where the offer validation happens before payment, the merchant can show the offer details (discount / cashback) against a payment instrument to its end users before the users click the Pay button and the transaction gets processed at our end.


Below is the transactional flow for Bank Offers:

  1. User adds the product to its cart and proceeds to checkout. Merchants will call the Fetch All Payment Offers API to display all the relevant offers to the user on the payment page. 
  2. AI Router will fetch all the offers configured by the merchant in their Paytm PG account. 
  3. User selects Cards as a payment instrument.

     Note: At present Bank Offers are only applicable on card (both Credit Card / Debit Card) transactions. 

  4. User enters the card details and the merchant will call the Fetch BIN details API. This API returns card / payment-related details in response, such as card schemes, issuing banks, etc. 
  5. Merchant will then call the Apply Promo API. This promo will help in validating / applying the promo. 
  6. This API will either return the best offer configured at Paytm end by the merchant OR, in case the Promo code is already sent to Paytm in this API, this API would return the applicability of that particular offer only against that selected instrument.
  7. Once the validation part is done, the merchant will call the Initiate transaction API. Here both payment and offer intent will be passed to AI Router. Offer intent will be as per the response of Apply Promo API, and payment intent would be payment-related information of the transaction as entered by the user.
  8. AI Router will create an order in its system and will return a Transaction Token to the merchant. 
  9. Using this Transaction Token, the merchant will call the Pay API once the user clicks on the Pay button. 
  10. AI Router will select a Payment Gateway to route this transaction. As per our current integration, the bank offers payment will be automatically routed to Paytm PG. 
  11. Paytm PG processes the transaction and returns the response back to AI Router which further sends it to the merchant's server. 
  12. Merchants can also call the Transaction Status API to verify the final payment status of the transaction.