All in One SDK FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to All in one SDK and its integrations.


  1. Do Paytm All-in-One SDK supports both Android & iOS?-

    Yes, Paytm All-in-One SDK supports both Android & iOS.

  2. Where do I find the Android/iOS SDK?+
  3. How will the checksum be generated for All-in-One android and iOS integration?+
  4. How will the checksum be verified for All-in-One android and iOS integration?+
  5. Do you have any sample app for checking the All-in-One SDK flow?+
  6. What we need to pass in callback URL? Does the callback URL in SDK and in initiate transaction API need to be same?+
  7. How to handle the error message "App invoke not allowed" while invoking the app?+
  8. User is not getting redirected to the merchant iOS app post successful payment on Paytm app (App invoke flow), user remains stuck on the Paytm app. What should I do?+
  9. I have multiple MID's, how to add multiple entries in URL scheme in iOS?+
  10. Can app invoke be restricted in All-in-one SDK?+
  11. How do I test Paytm app invoke in staging environment?+
  12. How to integrate All-in-One SDK flow for apps built on hybrid platforms?+
  13. How can I enable auto read OTP feature on my app?+
  14. Where can I find the latest All-in-One SDK version details?+
  15. Is Merchant Gift voucher (MGV) supported in All-in-One SDK?+
  16. Can All-in-One SDK be supported through m-web?+
  17. If Paytm App is not available in a user device, then the user is redirected to web view. Would UPI intent be support in that case?+
  18. If merchant integrates All in One SDK in the android app ,but the payment page/ cashier page is opened in web view . Will the All in One SDK be supported?+
  19. Is the UI customizable?+
  20. Will a user be asked to login once All-in-one SDK is invoked?+
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