Custom UI SDK FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to Custom UI SDK and its integration.


  1. Is Custom UI SDK supported for merchant apps build on hybrid platform?-

    We provide the plugins for integrating custom ui sdk on React native and ionic Cordova platforms.
    For other hybrid platforms, you can make the supporting bridges and integrate the SDK. We will definitely help your tech team in building these bridges.

  2. Do we need to specify the same callback URL in backend API and in SDK?+
  3. Do you provide any sample app for checking how different methods can be integrated?+
  4. Can I customize the consent checkbox color theme etc?+
  5. Can the text of consent checkbox be customised?+
  6. Where can I place the consent checkbox on the UI?+
  7. Can we integrate the Custom UI SDK without extracting the Paytm user's SSO token?+
  8. Does the SDK provide any UI part in checkout flow?+
  9. While fetching authoirzation code, what will be received if Paytm app is not present or user is not logged in?+
  10. User is not getting redirected to the merchant iOS app post successful payment on Paytm app (App invoke flow), user remains stuck on the Paytm app. What should I do?+
  11. We are observing that Paytm app is not getting invoked in iOS integration.+
  12. I am unable to fetch client id and secret key?+
  13. How do i create a custom polling page for UPI?+
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