Business Queries

  1. What is JS Checkout?-

    It is a javascript based integration for using paytm payment gateway.

  2. How many payment options are supported in JS Checkout?+

Configuration & Customization Queries

  1. Can I change the color scheme of JS Checkout cashier screen according to my website theme?-

    Yes, this is possible by passing the parameter in JS Checkout javascript config during jscheckout initialization.

  2. Can I add my brand logo to the payment page?+
  3. What are the supported dimensions for brand logo?+
  4. How to configure JS code?+
  5. Can I change the order of payment options in JS Checkout?+
  6. How can I include/exclude a payment option in JS Checkout?+

Developer Queries

  1. How can I manage callback in the same page instead of redirecting to other page?-

    You need to pass parameter, redirect=false in JS Checkout config, then you will get the payment response inside transactionStatus handler in JS Checkout. 

  2. Is any backend (PHP, JAVA, .net, Python) language required for JS Checkout integration?+
  3. Why do we need to use backend language in JS Checkout integration?+
  4. I have generated JS and pasted in the file and getting an error on script load is not defined.+

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