Test Integration & Go Live

Test Your Integration


Once the integration is complete, you need to test it on the staging environment using the staging credentials available at API Keys section of the Merchant Dashboard and using the test payment option credentials listed here.

When the test transaction is complete, you can move your code to Live or Production environment with production account details. This implies that you have successfully integrated the Paytm Payment Gateway to your website.


Go Live on Production


Replace your test credentials with production credentials.

  • Merchant ID (mid) from Test MID to Production MID
  • Merchant key (key) from Test Merchant Key to Production Merchant Key
  • Website name parameter (websiteName) from WEBSTAGING to DEFAULT 
  • Production URL endpoints for Initiate Transaction API & Transaction Status API


Host Details are different for Staging and Production. Please configure accordingly.



The production account details are available only when you activate your account on the dashboard.