FAQs on Integration

  1. We already have a Payment Gateway with Paytm, do we need to integrate one again?-

    You’re issued a unique “MID” with each different Paytm product you sign up for. For Mini Apps too, you’ll be given an MID which is separate from the MID you’re using in a Payment Gateway elsewhere. Hence, you’ll need to sign up for the Mini App PG MID, and integrate our Payment API even if you have a PG active elsewhere

  2. Does the Application type need to be a web based application or mobile app? Is there a restriction?+
  3. Do we have to integrate any script for the JS function to work?+
  4. When will my App go Live on iOS?+
  5. How can I access the staging environment to test my app flow?+
  6. We’re getting an ‘Access Denied’ error with an API.+
  7. How do I differentiate between users coming on my website versus my Mini App?+
  8. We’re facing an error while fetching auth token+
  9. could we get the latitude & longitude from your JS API?+
  10. I could not find the server sdk for the mini app for PHP. Only for payment integration server sdk is available for php.+
  11. APIs and Bridges - Which are to be called from the Frontend, and which ones from the Backend?+
  12. I have trouble logging in to my Mini Apps dashboard.+
  13. Need a Bird's eye view of the relevant documentation on Mini Apps in its entirety. +