Guidelines for Aggregators

For our merchants having an Aggregator business model, i.e. technology or SaaS providers with multiple sub merchants who are willing to create Mini App individually,
we at Paytm Mini Apps help you scale up rapidly and take your sub merchants live in no time. 

A bird’s eye view of the process / flow for Aggregators is as follows :


  • Aggregator signs an agreement with Paytm as a first step Under this, the KYC, and Compliance related liability of your sub merchants is taken up by you. 
  • Following the above point, you can then onboard your sub merchants in one go by passing on certain basic details on the sub merchants to us. This includes support contact details, PAN details, GST (if applicable), and other basic information.
  • The required credentials are then sent out directly to you for integration and app submission.
  • There is no upper limit, and this process can be scaled up for any number of Mini Apps of your sub merchants.

Flow requirements


It is required that you ensure your sub merchant’s Mini App adheres to certain basic guidelines regarding the app flow:

  • Each Mini App should have the sub merchants support contact details clearly visible / accessible. This is to ensure quick redressal of users’ issues.
  • Tracking and listing only the active sub merchants, and timely informing the concerned Paytm SPOC regarding any change required in the listing depending on the serviceability, and store timings should be ensured.
  • Ensuring a minimum inventory is maintained by each sub merchant to avoid an ‘Out of Stock’ issue on a large number of products.

Transactions and Settlements


You will be issued unique MIDs for each Mini App that is onboarded successfully with us. Through this, you will be able to track transactions data and analytics for each Mini App through your Paytm Business Dashboard.



It is important for the aggregator to create a dashboard for each sub merchant, for them to be able to view all their transactions and settlements coming from their Paytm Mini App.


You may reach out to us for any other query or request regarding settlements on


Sub Merchant Communication and Education


The optimum usage, best practice guidelines, and benefits of the Mini App program should be brought to the attention of your sub merchants through regular communication with them. This can be done through weekly Webinars, email updates, as well as one-on-one sessions with key merchants. This ensures the sub merchant gets all his queries and concerns addressed in a timely manner, and also to ensure he’s part of our goal in providing a stellar user experience. 


We would also recommend having a dedicated email id  / contact person that a sub merchant can reach out to in case he has any issues or needs additional support with respect to Paytm Mini Apps.