Notification Flow

Paytm gives you the functionality to send post payment notification to any of your Mini Apps user. To use this feature you need to hit the Paytm notification service with desired Payload as per the notification template.

Notification Flow

The flow for the notification service is as follow:

  1. You need to make a S2S call from your IP whitelisted server to Notification endpoint using sendPartnerNotification API with following parameters:

    1. clientId
    2. OpenID
    3. Order ID
    4. mid
    5. Template Name
    6. NotificationPayload
  2. Post successful validation of your request, Paytm will send notification to the Paytm user recognised by the OpenId.
  3. There is a limit on the number of Notifications, you can send for any transaction: current limit by default is set to 3 notifications per orderId within a 7 day period.

Template Creation

For template creation you need to share three things;

  1. Deeplink URL (Dynamic URL is also supported).
  2. Static message body.
  3. Dynamic message text

Please share your template requirements to in the above format.

Note: You can learn more about the Mini App deeplink here.

Sample Notification Template

Template Name: Miniprogram_test_template_1

Template Example: "{{name}}Your order is out for delivery. It will reach in {{=time}}"

Expected Payload:

  "clientId": "your client_id",
  "openId": "MjjpptrGTFUN6bm2Is0tEBp6vpQXGxw71hxgbofvXK4=",
  "orderId": "y0071570611491142",
  "templateName": "Miniprogram_test_template_1",
  "mid": "cqxpFk5577465553618",
  "notificationPayload": {
    "name": "Dominos",
    "time": "10 minutes",
    "url": "paytmmp://mini-app?aId=05f4b836f67219b3b4d4f2ba9fb3631c0fd499888888"

Notification received : Dominos : Your order is out for delivery. It will reach in 10 minutes