Accounts & Passbook

After the account Sign Up and activation, the Paytm Payout dashboard is now ready to use. Use the login credentials to sign in to the dashboard and the existing Payout account. The Account Number and IFSC code are mentioned under the Payouts Account.

You can see below the details of the types of Accounts that are available in Payouts Dashboard:

Payout account

Paytm Payouts business account is automatically created when the Payouts Dashboard is signed in. This account has an associated account number and an IFSC code. This is the main account through which funds can be disbursed to multiple disbursal accounts, or moved between disbursal accounts, or can be transferred directly to the vendors or can be used for the bill payments. Add money to this account from the linked bank account and make payments right away.



To know more about adding funds to Paytm Payouts account click here.

Disbursal Account

A Disbursal Account is a sub-account that is created by the user to channelize funds flow through Payouts Dashboard. There is no limit to creating a Disbursal Account, hence the user can create any number of Disbursal accounts as per the business needs. There is a single click process to move funds between the Payouts Account & Disbursal Account. Click here to know more about adding & moving funds.

Some key advantages of creating disbursal accounts are given below:

  • Better organized fund flow: Since unlimited disbursal accounts can be created, multiple disbursal accounts can be created as per the business needs. For Example, department-wise (purchase department/ operations department etc), purpose-wise (employee salary/ purchase etc), expenses or business vendor-wise ( ABC private ltd, XYZ enterprises)

  • Secured payments with multiple user functionality: As an administrator of Paytm Payouts, different roles can be assigned to multiple users in the organization. These users can access one or multi disbursal accounts as per their assigned roles. The main administrator can set fund transfer rules and limits for each disbursal account

To know more about creating a disbursal account, click here.

đź’ˇ Tip

  • Low balance alert: Low balance notifications can be set for payouts and each disbursal account.A threshold amount can be set for each account and get notified whenever the balance goes lower than the set limit.

  • Fund Addition Alert: The alert notification can also be set for any funds getting credited to the payouts account.

  • These alerts can be set from the 'Manage Alerts' option in the 'Settings' menu on the left side. Click 'Add Alert' and put a threshold amount value and respective email id for sending alert messages.


The passbook option available on the dashboard is similar to the bank’s passbook that keeps a record of every transaction. In this section, you will have all details of any fund disbursals (Debit) and reversals (Credit).


  • To view the overall transactions, click the 'View Passbook' option mentioned just below the Account number & IFSC code.

  • To view the passbook for any disbursal account, click any disbursal account and select the time period from the duration filter and view all the transactions.