Transaction History

All Transactions

To know the status of any payout, follow the steps below:

  1. In the left main menu under Payouts, select ‘Transaction History’.
    The 'All Transactions' tab shows the details of all the transactions with the status such as Success, Failed, or Pending. The Status filters can be used separately to view orders as per their current status.
  2. You can use global filter settings to set the specifications for the Duration, Order Id, Phone Number etc. to filter the desired transactions.
  3. Click any Transaction to know more details about the same.
  4. To download the Transactions, please follow the steps below:
    1. Set the filters and click the 'Download Statement' button on the right side.
    2. Click 'Reports' from the left main menu and the requested report is available for download in the 'Transaction Report' tab.

Note: The payout data for the last 6 months can be downloaded from this section. To know about the payout data older than this, write to us at

File Uploads

For all bulk actions such as bulk payouts, the status of the uploaded files can be viewed from this tab. Set the duration and the status to find the status of the uploaded file.