Bluetooth Connection Overview



Bluetooth ECR flow allows Merchant's billing POS to communicate with Paytm EDC through a Bluetooth connection. Merchants can send payment requests, transaction status requests, and transaction cancellation requests from their billing POS application to Paytm EDC over Bluetooth. 


Transaction Flow



  1. Bluetooth ECR flow allows merchants to wirelessly connect their Billing POS application with Paytm EDC machine through Bluetooth.


  2. To do this merchant needs to :


    i) Integrate their Billing POS App with Paytm ECR SDK AAR library. Paytm SDK has methods to send payment requests, check the status of payment, initiate void, and generate print receipts.


    ii) Pre-install a separate Paytm BT Connect application on the POS device which would act as a mediator between the billing POS application and Paytm EDC. 


  3. Paytm BT connect application, which will get installed on merchant's MPOS devices as a separate app, will be responsible for establishing and maintaining Bluetooth connectivity between the POS application and Paytm payments app on EDC. It will essentially act as a mediator between mpos application and the Paytm payments app and all requests initiated through pos - Sale, Status check, Cancel transaction, Void transaction, and Connection check will land on the Paytm POS machine through this app. 


  4. BT Connect App is like a companion app that connects to Paytm Payments app and enables the library to communicate requests and responses. 


System Requirements


S. No.  POS Operating System(s) Paytm POS machine(s) Supported Language
1 Android PAX A910 (Android) Java / Kotlin
PAX A50 (Android)
NEXGO N3 (Android)
Ingenico DX8000 (Android)