Test Integration & Go Live

Test Your Integration


Once the POS device is activated, you can start the integration in the staging environment using the staging credentials shared and complete the transaction using any Master / Visa debit / credit card or through QR using the Test wallet app credentials listed below for the app.


Mobile Number 77777 77777
Password Paytm12345


When the test transaction is complete, you can move your code to Live or Production environment with production account details. 


Go Live on Production


Replace your test credentials with production credentials.

  • Merchant ID (mid) from Test MID to Production MID
  • Merchant key (key) from Test Merchant Key to Production Merchant Key
  • PaytmTID (Activation code) from Test to Production and it will be unique for every device
  • Production URL endpoints for Sale API and Status Enquiry API


Host Details are different for Staging and Production. Please configure accordingly.



The below points should be kept into consideration during the integration of the flow:

  1. merchantTransactionId must be unique for every transaction request sent to Paytm. It can only contain alphanumeric / numeric values and not any special characters.
  2. Please do not pass any separator in the transaction amount. Transaction amount should be in paise format.

    Example: 100 means Rs 1.

  3. TID needs to be unique for each EDC. Please use the correct value allocated to EDC devices for Staging / Production.
  4. Refund reference ID will be mandatory.
  5. Status Enquiry API query should be used after 10 seconds of initiating the SALE API request and the retry interval should also be 10 seconds.
  6. In order to ensure there are no discrepancies in processing refunds & customer experience is not impacted, you need to pass refund reference ID (refundRefId) in every refund request. For every refund request, Paytm will provide Refund ID ( refundId ) in response. You can use the Refund Status API to check the status of your refund in case of any network failure during the Refund request.
  7. All the API requests should come to Paytm with the TLS 1.2 version or above version.