Postman - Setup and Collections

The Postman collection helps you to quickly understand and test the payment flow. It would help to reduce the integration efforts by making it easier to understand the different APIs required for the flow integration.


Using Postman Collection

  1. Download and install Postman. Refer Postman to download and install the same.
  2. Import postman collection available for different flows.
  3. Get your Merchant ID (mid), Merchant Key (mid-key), and website in your Paytm Dashboard at
  4. Update these values in Environment Variables as per your environment (Staging/Production):
    1. paytm-host for Staging and for Production
    2. paytm-mid: Update Merchant ID here
    3. paytm-mid-key: Update Merchant Key here
    4. paytm-website: Update Website here like WEBSTAGING for Staging and DEFAULT for Production

Note: In case you do not find the environment variables in postman after import, please create the variable and update above values as per explained above.

List of collections

We have provided different postman collections which can be used by the developers to understand the flow integration for different products and flows. These collections will give you quick information about the APIs involved with the sample request/response for the different integration. The list of different collections are given below:

  • Custom checkout flow - As part of the custom checkout flow, you own the checkout page and payment experience. For more details related to integration, please visit the custom checkout integration. The different postman collections for custom checkout flow are listed here.
  • Subscription - Subscription Payments are meant to charge a consumer on a prearranged, recurring schedule automatically. For more details, please visit the Paytm subscription page. The postman collection for subscription integration in custom checkout can be found here.
  • Refunds - Refund are reversal transactions wherein complete or partial money is moved back to the customer’s source account. For more details, please visit the Refund management page.
Checkout flow/Product Payment source Import Button
Custom Checkout
Paytm wallet

 Run in Postman

Saved/New cards
Run in Postman
Run in Postman
Run in Postman
UPI Collect
Run in Postman
UPI Intent
Run in Postman
Run in Postman
Refund -
Run in Postman
Auto Debit Paytm wallet
Run in Postman