Server SDKs Integration

Paytm provides server-side kits in different languages for major APIs required to integrate Paytm Payment Gateway. These kits allow easy integration of Paytm PG, after which customer can pay via any of the payment methods like Paytm Wallet, Credit Card, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI etc. This kit also has a mechanism to generate the checksum required for authentication.


Following APIs are available as part of these kits:

  • Initiate Transaction API - This API will return the transaction token which is used in other native APIs
  • Transaction Status API - This API is used to return the status of a particular transaction
  • Refund API - This API is used to initiate the partial or complete refund against a particular transaction
  • Refund Status API - This API is used to fetch the details of the refund transaction

The server-side SDKs are available in the following server languages: