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  1. When will my collection be settled into my account?-

    It is usually done on T+1 basis or as per the period decided in the agreement.

  2. How can I get the settlement data?+
  3. What kind of reconciliation tools are provided for merchants receiving settlement of their funds?+
  4. Is Transactions wise settlement available on T+1 with unique UTR against each transaction?+
  5. Do we get direct settlement transactions included in the settlement reports?+
  6. Can additional info which is being passed in trnx request, be included in the settlement reports?+
  7. If merchants want their payouts to be released early in the day then do we support any priority payouts?+
  8. How do I check settlements in my bank account?+
  9. The status of my settlement shows as failed on the Dashboard. What should I do?+
  10. How to reconcile settlements along with the transactions made?+
  11. What is Transaction wise settlement and where do I find the settlement details? +
  12. What is Direct settlement and where do I find the settlement details?+
  13. How to Hold the my settlements?+


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