Subscription FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to Subscription and its integration.


  1. How does auto-collect work for subscriptions?-

    If 'autoRenewal' attribute is TRUE at the time of subscription creation, then recurring payment collection runs in auto-pilot mode. Recurring payment will be automatically triggered with no manual intervention from the merchant's side. On the date of the recurring payment, Paytm would automatically process the payment collection. Once the transaction is successful, Paytm will send a payment S2S callback on merchant's callback URL .
    If 'autoRenewal' attribute is FALSE at the time of subscription creation, then Renew Subscription API should be triggered by the merchant with the subscription ID provided at the time of subscription creation. After that, the customer is debited and acknowledgment is shared with the merchant. There is no intervention on the customer's end in the recurring payment debit process.
    Note: for Variable Amount/ On-demand and Daily frequency subcriptions, it is mandatory to collect payments manually.

  2. Does Paytm send any notifications to the users?+
  3. When should I call Pre-Notify API?+
  4. Can I modify an existing subscription?+
  5. For an existing running subscription, what would be the outcome of not charging a customer for a specific cycle?+
  6. Is there a facility of automatic retry in case the payment debit request failure?+
  7. If recurring payment debit fails after the pre-debit notification is sent to the user,does merchant have to send another pre-debit notification before another recurring payment debit request?+
  8. If a merchant moves from auto renewal flow to manual debit requests, will the existing subscription created with autoRenewal as TRUE move to manual renewal or continue to be auto-renewed?+
  9. Merchant is trying to set up a UPI subscription for a future date. But the UPI paymode is not visible on the payment screen?+
  10. For which subscription states will we receive an S2S callback?+
  11. What is the minimum billing cycle contract which can be tested in the staging environment?+
  12. What is subscription expiry date?+
  13. How will I know which APPs support UPI autopay?+
  14. How many active subscription contracts can a customer have with one MID at a time?+
  15. How many times should we retry if recurring payment debit request is unsuccessful?+
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