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    • Callback and Webhook URL
    1. What is callback URL?+
    2. I am not getting any response on configured webhook, what should I do?-

      There could be the possibility either the webhook url isn't working or the website name which you are using is incorrect. Also there can be some configuration issue for which you may raise your request through contact us page.

    3. Will I get the response on callback URL in real time?+
    4. How do I configure the webhook url against my MID.+
    5. I am receiving multiple notifications for the same transaction. Why is it so?+
    6. Is it possible to have the same callback URL for WEB and WAP (App)?+
    7. Can we configure different callback URL for successful and failed transaction?+
    8. Are callback and webhook URLs same?+
    9. Callback data will be received in which format?+
    10. Webhook data will be received in which format?+
    11. Do I need to verify the checksum while receiving the callback?+
    12. Do I need to verify the checksum while receiving the Webhook?+
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