UPI Intent for iOS


Paytm UPI Intent Flow give ease to your customers to pay via UPI Apps on iOS as well. As part of this integration, Paytm PG returns you the list of the UPI Apps which supports the UPI Intent Payments on iOS. The integration flow also lets you check that user is payment ready or not on Paytm app. Please refer to the Integration steps to integrating Paytm UPI Intent flow on the iOS platform.


Flow Diagram

Flow chart


Before you begin the integration, make sure you follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on Paytm as a merchant. Click how to create an account.

    Note: Save the MID and merchant key generated in the above step.
  2. Go through the checksum logic to understand how to generate and validate the checksum.

  3. Get the staging iOS Paytm app for integration testing on the merchant staging environment.