UPI Solutions FAQs

UPI Solution

  1. What is UPI?-

    UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a popular payment system that allows instant funds transfer from one bank account to another via mobile devices. This real-time payment system is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and it works on a 24x7 basis.

  2. What are the various UPI solutions offered by Paytm?+
  3. What is the difference between UPI collect and UPI InApp?+
  4. How can I accept UPI payments through the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway?+
  5. Can a merchant integrate all UPI solutions?+
  6. How can a customer get merchant details from UPI ID?+
  7. Is there any separate integration required to accept UPI payments?+
  8. What are the different payment methods supported by Paytm UPI solutions?+
  9. How to link Paytm UPI ID to a bank account?+
  10. How to Integrate UPI payment gateway with my website? What are the Prerequisites?+
  11. Which UPI apps are supported on iOS for intent flow?+
  12. I am unable to see UPI payment option on my checkout page in staging environment. What should I do?+
  13. How do I check which all UPI apps are installed in a user's device?+
  14. Will I receive b2b callback for all UPI channels?+
  15. How do I make sure that the user proceeds with the correct UPI ID?+
  16. How can I leverage user's saved VPAs at Paytm's end?+

UPI Collect

  1. Is it possible to link multiple bank accounts to one VPA?-

    Yes. This is possible. The same VPA can be linked to different bank accounts.

  2. If I have an existing VPA can I link the same to a new app?+
  3. Will my VPA expire if I do not use it?+
  4. Is any other bank account information required if you are using VPA? +
  5. How to create UPI Number?+
  6. Is it mandatory to create a UPI Number?+
  7. Can a user map a single UPI Number with multiple VPAs?+
  8. Can a user have multiple UPI Numbers for a single VPA?+
  9. What are the conditions to modify the UPI Number mapping?+
  10. Can we deregister a UPI Number?+

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