Auto Debit FAQ's

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to Auto Debit and its integration.


  1. What is Auto Debit flow?-

    Auto Debit is a one-click payment experience for your website or mobile app, enabling payments via Paytm Wallet, Paytm Postpaid and your gift vouchers issued by Paytm. Your customers need to once authorize and link their Paytm account with your application and later enjoy superfast checkout every time.

  2. Is Client ID and Merchant ID different?+
  3. What is Client ID and secret key?+
  4. How do I handle insufficient balnce cases?+
  5. Does user need to login Paytm Wallet if he is logged in merchant app?+
  6. Does SSO token remain same for a particular user?+
  7. How does user’s SSO token expire?+
  8. What will happen in case of invalid/null SSO token?+
  9. What does “Authorization Error” response mean?+
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