Affordability Introduction



Paytm has introduced an Affordability suite that allows you to make the products/services more affordable for their customers. This does not necessarily translate to making the products/services cheaper instead making them easier to own. 


Paytm Affordability suite includes Bank Offers and EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) options that increase the affordability of the purchases. Bank offers can be given as cashback or instant discount and reduce the overall cost of the product. EMI payment option helps you to encourage your customer to make big value purchases without worrying about paying the full amount upfront.


With Paytm Affordability suite, you can:

  • Help customers to purchase the product in easy installments
  • Create and run attractive offers on your platform, thereby, increasing sales
  • Empower customers with the support of 17 Bank Credit Cards, 2 Debit Cards for EMI, Buy Now Pay Later using Paytm Postpaid, Zest Money, etc
  • Facilitate T+1 settlement of instant cashback support for faster cashback to the customer
  • Downpayment on EMI with subvention 
  • Multi-item checkout with co-funded/merchant-funded offers as applicable


To understand more about the impact of Affordability to drive sales on your platform, please read here.

Affordability Options


Following Affordability options are available in Paytm: 

Supported Banks


  1. Credit Card Issuers:





  2. Debit Card Issuers:


Advantages of Paytm Affordability


Paytm Affordability offers multiple advantages for the customer as well as the business:

  • Better sales of high-value goods/services: Affordability simplifies the purchase of high-value goods helping buyers acquire products more easily and hence boost sales for businesses.


  • Multiple payment options: Businesses that focus on affordability ensure that consumers are able to access multiple payment options and choose the one that works best for them leading to a reduction in checkout abandonment.


  • Minimum or no additional costs: Affordability options such as EMI or No Cost EMI can be availed with minimum or no additional costs during the purchase. This helps buyers invest in an expensive purchase resulting in an increase in average order value.


  • Higher conversion rate: Bank Offers and EMI make products affordable in smaller installments which helps in higher conversion.