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Collect Payments in 3 Easy Steps
  • Education fees
  • Fee payment
  • Fee details
  1. Step 1Create Payment LinkVia Paytm Dashboard
  2. Step 2Share Payment LinkThrough SMS, Email or WhatsApp
  3. Step 3Customer Makes PaymentUsing Preferred Payment Method
Education fees
Step 1 Create Payment Link Via Paytm Dashboard
Fee payment
Step 2 Share Payment Link Through SMS, Email or WhatsApp
Fee details
Step 3 Customer Makes Payment Using Preferred Payment Method
Smartest Way to Grow your Business
Partial Payment
Give Your Customers an option of Partial Payment
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Create and Share Multiple Payment Links at Once
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Share Multiple Payment Links
Payment Reminders
Send Automatic Payment Reminders
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A Smart Solution for All Kinds of Industries.
Freelancers, CA, HR Professionals, Lawyers, Artists etc
Get paid instantly via 100+ payment methods & track all payments in one dashboard. Improve your payment cycle with automatic payment reminders
Direct to Customer & Social Media Businesses
Manage payments for your business on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook without creation of any website on one dashboard. Payment Link is all that you need !
Create bulk payment links & give parents the flexibility of paying through payment method of their choice
Retail Merchants
Convert your home delivery COD orders to Prepaid & delight your customers with the flexibility of payment methods
E-Commerce Businesses
Reduce RTO on COD Orders & target customers who have abandoned their carts using Payment Links
Wholesalers & Distributors
Collect payments from retailers, vendors etc at the click of a button
IT Services
Send a payment link for advance token amount collection or at the time of project completion & accelerate your payment cycle
Home Cooks/Bakers
Let people across India enjoy the taste of your food. Just close the order on phone/chat, send a Paytm Payment Link to receive the payment & you are done
Travel Business (Adventure Sports etc)
Plan your business better by collecting digital payments from your enquiries and reduce the No-Show
Home Design Businesses
Accelerate the delivery of projects and reduce delays due to payment waiting period. Create payment links in advance with payment reminders & partial Payments.
Online Medicine & Healthtech
Give your patients the convenience of online consultation & home delivery of medicines or collection of blood samples along with the choice of payment modes. Delighted customers are just a link away now.
BFSI, NBC & Lending Companies
Reduce missed payments with payment links & automatic payment reminders for Loan/EMI Repayments
Utility Service Businesses
Reduce missed payments from customers by sending them payment links in advance & enable automatic payment reminders
Now ensure the delivery in the first attempt even if the receiver isn’t available. Convert COD orders to Paid orders just by sending a payment link.
Partner Payments
Manage collection of commission from your resellers/partners efficiently using a payment link & automatic payment reminders
Say Bye to reconciliation hassles by creating a payment link directly from your ERP. Focus on your core business & leave the payment & reconciliation hassles to Paytm Payment Links
Close your deals instantly. Send payment links to students/parents and offer them the affordability of No cost EMI and 100+ payment sources to choose from.
Paytm Payment Links for Enterprises
Fee Payment Experience

Third-Party Verification (for BFSI)

Comply with SEBI guidelines. Enable customers to pay via pre-registered bank accounts only.

Bank Offers

Engage new & existing customers while converting your prospects into loyal customers with Paytm’s Bank Offers Solution.

EMI Subvention

Delight your customers with affordability while paying on your payment links

Programmatic Payment Links

Easily create payment links directly from your ERP or platform via API

How Paytm Works?
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Customers Love Paytm But Why?

A powerful dashboard

Instant Activation

T+1 Settlement including Bank Holidays & Weekends

Bank-Grade security with fraud prevention technology

Industry best success rates

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Get Single-Point Access to Millions of Customers
1 in Every 3 Indians uses Paytm.
450+ million wallet users ensure a higher success rate of getting payments through payment links.
250 million+ linked cards on Paytm.
They ensure faster and smoother checkout.
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We Take Pride in our Client’s Success
New U
Parijat Renwal
Co-Founder & COO, Rising Bowl
Paytm’s Powerful dashboard offers real-time business insights & easy reconciliation. The Tech support team is really proactive & makes the overall process very smooth for merchant partners. Rising Bowl highly recommends Paytm All-In-One Payments as a payment partner so that you can focus on the key business while they handle all the payments for you.
Inc.5 Shoes
Abhilash Kumar
Director, Teclive Technology Pvt Ltd.
Paytm’s Payment Links has helped us collect payments from our customers remotely. We just have to create a link and share with our customers and with real-time settlements we receive the payment in our bank accounts instantly!
Orchid Hotels
Suhas A R
Marketing Manager, Career Launcher
Paytm has helped us in providing all kind of payment options for wallets to credit cards supporting all cards from Rupay to Amex. This has helped us grow our online business immensely.
Numero Uno
Amit Grover
VP - Marketing Playship
Onboarding experience for Playship was good and the Paytm integration handled swiftly. What we like the most is that the integration team is supportive and responds quickly to technical queries.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Payment Link?

A payment link is a way to request payment from customers paying for goods or services outside of traditional online store purchases. Upon clicking the payment link, your customers can choose to pay from the list of payment sources. If you use Paytm Payment Links, Paytm will notify you once the payment is complete.

Can I create a Paytm Payment link for a specific amount?

Yes, you can send amount-specific payment links to your customers to request payment with Paytm Payment Links. Your customers will not be able to change the amount at the time of payment.

Can my customers decide the amount they want to pay on the Paytm Payment Link?

Yes, you can create generic links using Paytm Payment Links. Your customers can enter any amount they wish to pay at the time of payment.

Can my customers make multiple partial payments on a Paytm Payment link?

Yes, you can enable partial payments on a payment link. All you need to do is define an amount and your users will be able to make multiple payments on a link until they can pay that link fully.

E.g., If you generate a payment link for Rs. 10,000/-, your customer will be able to make a payment for any amount up to Rs. 10,000/-. If the customer makes a payment for Rs. 5,000/- the first time, the second time the customer opens the link, they can pay any amount up to Rs. 5,000/-.

Are international payments supported on Paytm Payment Links?

Yes, you can accept payments from 50+ countries. Contact us to enable international payments on your account and receive payments from your international customers.

Will I receive SMS/Email notification whenever the users make the payment via a Paytm Payment Link?

Yes, you will get an SMS upon receiving the payment from your customer through the pay link. You can also register your email with Paytm if you wish to get email notifications.

Can I receive information from my customers along with receiving payments via Paytm Payment Link?

You can accept information from your users by sending a form along with the payment link. You customers will fill in the form before proceeding to make a payment. You can create a template using the dashboard or by using the create template APIs. Make sure you pass the template ID in your create Link API while creating the payment link.

Can I change the validity of the payment link?

Yes, one year is the maximum validity period for a payment link. If you wish to modify the link expiry, you can set an expiry date suiting your business use case at the time of link creation. One year from the date of the link creation is also the default link validity set if you do not specify an expiry date.

In case you wish to modify the expiry date post creation, you can choose to update the link with a new expiry date or immediately disable the link using the expire link API.

Is there any monthly payment acceptance limit on the Paytm Payment Link?

The acceptance limit on Paytm Payment Links will be the same as your monthly acceptance limit. You can easily upgrade your monthly plan by submitting some business documents via the Paytm Merchant Dashboard.

How can I share the Paytm Payment Link with my Customers?

You can send the payment notification to your customers or request Paytm to send these notifications on your behalf. You can send an SMS or an email notification at the time of pay link creation using the Create Link API. You can also use the Resend Notification API to send customers SMS or email after a link has been created. We use a standard template for sending SMS and emails.

Can I restrict who makes a payment on the Paytm Payment Link?

Yes, you will need to pass the mobile binding flag as correct at the time of payment link creation. Using this, we will ensure that the customer with the same mobile number is making the payment. Payments initiated from a different mobile number will be restricted.

Can my customers make a payment through any UPI app?

Yes, customers who do not use the Paytm App for making a payment can complete the payment requested by a pay link using the web browser. If the customer's wish to make a payment using any UPI App, they can select their preferred App from the browser.

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What is a Paytm Payment Link?
Generally, merchants accept payment in two ways: online and offline. In case of accepting online payments, the merchant requires a Payment Gateway integration. However, many merchants do not have a website, and those who have one are not always willing to integrate a Payment Gateway. In such cases, a Paytm Payment Link helps merchants accept payments via all channels and sources, without investing into building a website or integrating Payment Gateway into the website.
In simple words, the Paytm Payment Link helps merchants accept remote payments without the need for any technical integration.
How Paytm Payment Link Works?
The Paytm Payment Link works in 3 simple steps:
1. Link Creation: Merchants can use the payment link generator available in the dashboard, Business App, or through APIs to create a payment link. They can either use basic payment links or customize them to retrieve the information they require from their customers.
2. Link Sharing: The merchant can share the Paytm link via SMS, Social Media, or Email. Once the merchant shares the link, the customer can make payments through the Paytm app or the browser via the single online payment link they receive.
3. Payment Completion: After the customer fills the information, he/she will proceed to make the payment. Once done, the merchant receives the amount in his Paytm linked bank account.
What Benefits Does The Paytm Payment Links Offer?
1. Different Templates for Payment Links: The merchant has the option to create a payment link that either has just a link or a link that has a form-like template. A form-based payment link allows the merchant to collect information from the customers and also lets them display the purchased products along with cost breakups.
2. Partial Payment: The merchant has the option to enable partial payment in a payment link so that the customer does not have to pay the entire amount upfront.
3. All In One Payment Link: Customers can pay using any UPI app on the web via the online payment link by choosing the app and completing the payment through it.
4. Various Payment Sources for Customers: The customer can use the Paytm payment link to pay via Paytm wallet, Credit/Debit card, UPI, Net Banking, or directly make the payment using the Paytm mobile app.
5. International Transactions: With the Paytm Payment Link, a merchant can accept online payments from international clients also. For such transactions, international customers do not necessarily require the Paytm app or an Indian mobile number to access the Paytm Payment Link.
6. Bulk Payment Link Generator: With the payment link generator, the merchant can create up to 1 Lakh links in one go. It helps merchants create numerous pay links without API integrations.
7. Ease for Customers: The process flow followed by the Paytm Payment Link ensures faster checkout by redirecting customers to the Paytm app. If the customer does not have the app, the online payment link opens in the browser and also has a guest checkout option. The customer can also access all saved cards for faster payments.