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  • Caters to all your billing needs
  • Easy & Multi-device operable
Paytm Billing POS

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Powerful features that will boost your business
Freedom of Choice
Multi Device Operable
Works across all platforms and swipe machines. Enjoy unlimited Logins and installs.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Manage & Transfer stocks, create variants, handle batches, conduct audits, get alerts, Create POs and much more.
Customer Loyalty
Promotions & Discounts
With features such as items discount, bill discount and combo offers attract and engage customers
E-bill Customization
Invoice/ E-bill Customization
Customize invoice, get QR on bill, include store logo and print the bill or have an E bill generated and much more
Sales tracking & reporting
Sales tracking & reporting
Complete view of your sales from the dashboard. View customizable reports augmented with analytics
Integrated Payment options
Integrated Payment options
Multiple payment modes - DQR, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm Wallet, UPI, Paytm Postpaid, Loyalty points
Credit Management & CRM
Credit Management & CRM
Customer credit facility, payment reminders with links to collect credit . Use customer insights like number of visits, amount billed etc to engage better
Range of Reports
Range of Reports
Array of reports available which includes sales, inventory, customer, catalog, & audit.
Tax Management
Tax Management
Keep a track of your GST tax due through our Tax payable feature
Offline Mode Usage
Offline Mode Usage
Works when internet connection is down. Auto sync feature when system in online

Why choose Paytm Billing POS for your business?

  1. On-demand training available for software support.
  2. Competitive pricing with all inclusive product features. No add-ons required.
  3. 2-step billing process shortens the billing time.
  4. One-stop bundled solution for payment, billing & online aggregation.
  5. Free of cost integration with Paytm EDC & DQR device.
Offline Mode Usage Offline Mode Usage
  • Education fees
  • Fee payment
  • Fee details
  • Proceed to pay
  • Payment source
A smart Billing Software that suits all kinds of industries
  • Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant
  • Hypermarkets Hypermarkets Hypermarkets & Superstores
  • Retail Retail Retail & Grocery
Omni-Channel Management

Enjoy seamless management of offline & online orders for dine-in, delivery, or takeaways.

Table Management

Split or merge tables, rearrange floor plans, manage table transfers at your restaurant with ease

Waiter App

Use mobile phones as remote hand held devices to take orders conveniently.

Split Bills

Split bills among your customers on choice to give them a hassle-free eating experience.

Catch discrepancy

Track mismanagement and fraud committed in your store and report it conviniently

KOT and KDS system

Create Kitchen Order Tickets and have Kitchen Display System to avoid confusion and serve right order to the right customer

Add Ons and Variants

Handle customer's choice of variation in regular menu easily through our add-ons and variants feature.

Stock Transfer

Transfer your stock from one branch to another or from warehouse to any branch and automatically update inventory on completion.

Vendor Management

Add vendors & their details, order from them and keep a track of their payments. Extract reports on all your vendor purchases.

Purchase Order Management

Manage your purchases through the vendors. Track the payments & update inventory automatically on completion

Replicate Branch

Replicate your inventory and catalogue by using 'copy across branches' feature to avoid repetition when managing multiple branches.

Barcode Management

Design and Print barcode labels to add SKUs, batch number, product code.

Order Management

Manage orders by commenting on them, tagging a delivery date, creating quotations and parking the orders.

Catch discrepancy

Track mismanagement and fraud committed at your store and report it conveniently through stock audit.

Quick Billing

Handle customer volume with ease through our 2-step quick billing process

Barcode Management

Design and print barcode labels to add SKUs, batch number and product code.

QR Codes on Bills

Print QR codes on bills that can be used to make payments by customers who have chosen home delivery.

Mobile as Scanners

Integrate bar code scanners or use mobile scanners to track products and quick billing

Service-based Charges

Ability to charge customers on the extra services that they use like delivery, packing charges, etc.

One device usage

All functions can be accessed from one mobile device. Mobile phones can be used for billing, scanning barcode and printing invoices

We Take Pride in our Client’s Success
New U
Anil Thontepu
CEO (70+ stores with BPOS)
Billing at stores has never been this seamless, thanks to PAYTM Billing Software. The UI of the software is easy so none of our store partners had any trouble in using these machines. Having the ability to bill products and collect the payments on the go is not something any other solution that we evaluated had to offer. So this is the best and I can recommend anyone to have it for their outlets.
Inc.5 Shoes
Mumbai Regional Head (260+ stores with BPOS)
Very efficient for inventory management. We have more than 50 types of products. We easily track the stock inventory and reorder accordingly. Billing and invoicing is very speedy, and the integrated weighing machine helps a lot. All the payment options in the UI are easily accessible, benefiting the staff as well as customers. Paytm Billing software makes total store management really smooth. Thank you Paytm!
Orchid Hotels
Manager. Finance (25+ stores with BPOS)
Very easy to operate for the staff. It is quick, and our customers don't have to wait at all during the billing. Inventory management is incredibly helpful especially in stores like ours, where we have too many items to take care of. Paytm Billing software has made life easier for both us, and the customers. Thank you Paytm
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the POS Billing Software support digital invoices?

Yes, the Paytm POS tool supports SMS and Email invoices. All you have to do is record the customer's Email ID and Mobile number in the 'Customer details' section for the invoices to be sent.

What are sales channels?

Sales channels are different methods through which a merchant sells his/her products. For example, In-store/Walk-in, Home Delivery, Online Sales etc.

What is Smart Payment under POS Billing and how does it work?

Smart Payment is an option provided to customers, in which the POS order is moved to a user’s Paytm Cart and he/she can apply offers and make payment within the Paytm / Paytm Mall app itself. Post successfully placing the order, the merchant will hand over the items to the customer based on success message displayed in POS.

How can I accept payments using Paytm Wallet?

You can accept Paytm Wallet payments using the Dynamic QR solution. For activation, reach out to the Customer Support Helpdesk.

How can I accept payments from Credit / Debit cards?

You can accept Credit & Debit card payments from Paytm All-In-One smart devices or Paytm EDC devices. To know more about our EDC devices, kindly contact the customer support helpdesk.

What is the payout cycle for payments collected via Paytm Wallet or EDC device?

Payouts for transactions collected on a particular day will be deposited to a merchant's bank account on the business working days (T+1 basis, excluding bank and public holidays).

What is Store Credit?

Store credit is pending payment to be settled between the customer and the store

How can I find customer wise credit history using the POS Billing tool?

You can view the customer settlement history from the Customer Manager Section. Select the customer and tap on store credit to view the credit history

Can I view daily sales with the Paytm POS Billing Software?

Yes, you can view the sales from the front end under the 'dashboard' option.

You will be able to see the following:

1) Summary of sales for the day/custom date range

2) Invoice-wise details for the day/custom date range

3) Product sales report for the day/custom date range

Can I find out which is my highest selling item for the day with this tool?

Yes, you can keep track of your highest selling item under the 'Dashboard' option by choosing 'Product Mix.'

How can I reconcile my payments received via different payment modes with the POS software?

You can simply find out your payment-related information from Dashboard> Sales > Payment Split.

Is it possible for me to obtain employee-wise sales figures?

Yes, you can filter your sales employee-wise by using the 'filter' option in the Dashboard.

Does the POS application support A4 printers?

Yes, the Paytm POS application supports both A4 and thermal printers.

What is the process to connect a barcode scanner?

You can connect a USB type Barcode Scanner to your smartphone using a OTG cable. It is a simple plug and play process without any additional requirement.

What are the languages supported by the POS software?

English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu are supported currently with many other regional languages to be added soon.

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